If you like it then you should put a frame on it! Framing your art prints from Swell Made Co. is just as important as the artwork itself. You've made an investment, so protect with a professional frame. We've partnered with Simply Framed to offer high quality custom framing made by hand. Contact us to get a framing quote. Please allow an additional 2-3 weeks for your delivery.

Gallery Light Black

Gallery Light Black

Gallery White

Gallery White

Gallery Light Walnut

Gallery Light Walnut

Framing with Simply Framed includes

  • Wooden frame moldings in your choice of finish (Black, White or Light Walnut)

  • UV-shielding plexiglass, which protects against about 89% of UV rays and 92% of light transmission

  • Custom cut acid-free 4-ply white mats with beveled edges (if applicable)

  • Archival acid-free foam core backing

  • Protective paperback finish

  • Wall bumpers

  • Hanging hardware + nails

  • Hanging and care instructions

  • Each frame arrives gift-wrapped in kraft paper and packaged for protection

How to Curate Art with Heart

A gallery wall is the perfect way to proudly display your story, and your style. Don't just hang anything though. Curate a collection of art with heart. Collect things that are meaningful, and you'll never grow tired of your gallery wall. It will be a conversation piece and a comforting mantle in your home.

Swell Made Co. has partnered up with Becky Freeman, Interior Designer & Stylist, to guide you through curating an art collection.

How to frame an art print

So, you've purchased an art print. It will become a meaningful part of your home or office. But first, you need to frame it. Why? To protect that investment you’ve just made and to display it proudly. If you’re so inclined, head to a custom frame shop and leave it to the pros (like Creartive Custom Framing in Toronto). If not, framing doesn’t have to cost fortune. Here’s a quick guide to doing it yourself (or with a little help). 

How to create a gallery wall

Nothing is more welcoming than walking into a space with a great gallery wall. It pulls a room together by nodding to the design elements of the space by pulling a theme or colour scheme together. Plus, a gallery wall undeniably makes a statement. A personal statement of style.

We've partnered up with Julie Taylor, Interior Decorator & Style Maker, to guide you through the elusive (but oh-so simple) task of creating a winning gallery wall.