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Printable | Holiday Gift Tags

Here we are, December 14 and I still have a TON to do before Christmas arrives in a matter of days. I'm sure many of you are feeling the pinch too, so here's a little time saver to make your holiday gifting a tiny bit simpler. Keeping things simple is key to getting through December! 

Grab some Kraft paper (or any gift wrap you like) and baker's twine, and print these free gift tags. Voila! You have perfectly simple gifts wrapped with love. 

These sweet minimal tags are a riff of our gold foil Six Letter Sentiments cards, and you can can print them right at home! Think of it as a gift from me to you.

Here's what to do:

  • Just download the PDF here

  • Print on white card stock

  • Trim with an exacto knife and ruler (or scissors)

  • Make a hole with a hole punch

  • Create a loop tie with baker's twine. That's it!


Happy holidays from Swell Made Co. I hope you find some time to unwind and recharge over the holiday break. We'll be listening to old holiday tunes on the turntable, drinking egg nog and wine and wearing sweat pants for days. All in good company, of course.

It's our first year having family close by for Christmas which is a special time to enjoy traditions. We love an extra chocolatey Bouche de Noel on Christmas Day. What's your favourite holiday tradition? I'd love to hear about it. Comment below, if you like. 

Happy wrapping!

How To | Valentine's Day Printable Tags

I love Valentine's Day because you can feel like a kid again, and do some pretty basic crafting with big results. Nothing says "LUV YOU" like a handmade card or note that your recipient will cherish "FOREVA". See what I did there? Seriously though, this holiday is one of my favourites because it brightens gloomy winter days with pops of candy-coated colour and love. Love is universal. We all need it. Doesn't get much simpler (or better) than that. 

For love day, I have created a cute little printable for you! Get ready to do a little DIY. They're little Six Letter Sentiment tags. I recently saw some tags made by Justine Ma (hand letterer and mama) and her kiddos, which inspired me to paint these. Have a little therapeutic painting session for yourself, or get the kids involved. This is an easy project for any level. 

You can hang the tags for some impromptu decor, use them as gift tags, write love notes. The uses are endless. In fact, it would be great to see what YOU use them for! Share your photos using the hashtag #sixlettersentiments and/or #swellmadeco so everyone can see your ideas come to life for Valentine's Day. 


Here's what I did to create these sweet tags. I swear, it's super easy and quick:

  1. Print the printable using card stock (heavier paper). I used white, but you can use any colour you like. Just think! Pink, red, Kraft. There are 4 tags per sheet. All with different sayings. 
  2. Here's the fun part! Using basic watercolour paints, create a pattern or whatever you like on your sheets. This is a time where you want to paint outside the lines. You'll trim it off later like a pro. Loose brush strokes are easy and look great. Maybe try dots? Let the sheets dry. 
  3. Using scissors or an Exacto knife (and mat), cut your tags using the very faint lines on the printable as a guide. 
  4. Done! Go forth and spread your love using Six Letter Sentiments. Share with your friends and family.

Enjoy your Valentine's Day however (and with whomever) you celebrate. Our hearts day is typically a family affair that includes a decade long tradition of heart shaped pizza, sweets and wine. The simplest of holidays, celebrated in the simplest of ways. Happy Valentine's Day!

PS - Remember the flags we did last year? You can still grab that printable here! Same sentiments (minus LUV YOU) in a different format to create flags that can be used for anything. Enjoy!

Have a Swell Year 2016
Simple goals for 2016.

Simple goals for 2016.

Happy New Year! It was an incredible first full (full in so many ways) year for Swell Made Co. As I bid adieu to 2015, my hope is to have continued success and growth in 2016. As mentioned last year, I like to keep my goals simple for the New Year ahead. Be kind, work hard, stay humble, smile often, keep learning, be grateful and love always. 

I posted this simple list last year, but I didn't know many of you back then. So, here it is again for 2016 because this list resonates year, after year. By living a life guided by these simple promises; my hope is that it will allow for more focus in 2016. That's my goal.

Coming out of the holiday break where I spend most of my time with family, it feels like the ability to tune out our regular schedules (and busyness) should happen all year long. Not just on holidays or vacations. The inspiration for my single goal for 2016. 

Download and print this calendar for 2016.

Download and print this calendar for 2016.

More Focus
Personally and professionally, I'm juggling multiple projects and ventures, multiple children, multiple relationships... Sound familiar? Aren't we all! So, as I leap in to 2016 my goal is to have more focus in each thing I do. Perhaps, it's moving away from juggling much at once and taking the time to be present and mindful in each facet of my life. Of course, there are distractions and overlap, but my intention is to do all of the above while committing to more focus. 

Listen more and speak less, prioritize, put the phone down, take more time to read and practice yoga, give my loved ones and friends my undivided attention, get outside, answer when inspiration calls. Again, all simple things that I hope will have a lasting impact in 2016 and beyond because it's easy to get lost in it all. 

So, as I get organized for the year ahead with the intention of more focus, my gift to you for the new year is a printable calendar. Just like last year, you can print on card stock, or any paper you love and simply place in a clipboard. Plus, this year's edition includes the list of simple goals above! You can post in your workspace or home and be reminded of these simple goals. 

No matter what your goals are, I hope 2016 is your best year yet! Enjoy. 

Download the 2016 Calendar + Simple Goals List (PDF)
Download the 2015 Calendar (PDF)

PS - Both the 2015 and 2016 calendars are blank for you to fill in. That way, you can use them again, and again.