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How To | Frame an Art Print

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Framing an art print can be as easy as 1-2-3. A guide by Swell Made Co.

Framing an art print can be as easy as 1-2-3. A guide by Swell Made Co.

So, you've purchased an art print. It will become a meaningful part of your home or office. But first, you need to frame it. Why? To protect that investment you’ve just made and to display it proudly. If you’re so inclined, head to a custom frame shop and leave it to the pros (like Creartive Custom Framing in Toronto). If not, framing doesn’t have to cost fortune. Here’s a quick guide to doing it yourself (or with a little help). 


  1. Simple is Best - Choose a simple and neutral frame to allow your art print to be the focal point. Clean lines and finishes are best, and black or white are perfect neutrals. They are timeless, coordinate with any decor, and work well when creating a gallery wall or pairing art prints. 
  2. Size Up - Your frame should be larger than your art print to create visual impact and a focal point. This includes the mat.
  3. Use a Mat - Pre-made frames often come with pre-cut mats. If you’re using the pre-cut mat, make sure it is the proper size for your art print (the window should be the same size, or 1/4 in. smaller for a slight overlap). If the pre-cut mat doesn’t fit your art print, you can have one custom cut by a frame shop or art supply shop. Just give them the dimensions of your art print and frame, and they’ll be able to help. Use the guide below. Mats typically come with 2-4 in. around the art print with a little extra on the bottom to provide weight and composition. You can choose any size or orientation you like, just be sure your frame can accommodate the mat. The larger the mat, the more dramatic and larger the frame. 

Shop Around - Good quality, pre-made frames aren’t hard to find. Visit retailers like CB2West Elm, IKEA, art supply shops (Michael’s/DeSerres), Indigo, or HomeSense (in Canada). You can even do it all online with custom frame supplier Simply Framed

Framing an art print. A guide by Swell Made Co.

Framing an art print. A guide by Swell Made Co.


MINI ART PRINTS - 5 in x 7 in
SMALL ART PRINTS - 8 in x 10 in
LARGE ART PRINTS - 11 in x 14 in

  1. Determine the size of your art print. When in doubt, measure it.
  2. Choose a frame size. Remember to size up from your art print. 
  3. Determine the mat size. The window should be the same size or 1/4 in. smaller than your art print (no more, you just want a slight overlap). If the pre-made mat doesn’t fit, get one that is custom cut. 

Each Swell Made Co. art print will now come with a framing guide! That way, you can frame your art print with ease and get it up on the wall quickly. Click here to download the guide. Enjoy!

How To | Black + White Easter Eggs

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With Spring officially underway (as of March 20), it's time to think about Easter! Easter is a low-key holiday for us. We celebrate spring by having a family brunch, followed by attending our neighbourhood Easter parade with friends. Of course, the Easter Bunny makes an appearance at our house for the littles. "She" (as it has been determined by our 5 year-old) hides chocolate eggs around the house and yard, weather permitting. 

I love brunch. Whether it's dining out or hosting in, it's the perfect way to celebrate a new season with foods that have been missed over the winter months. Fresh vegetables, greens, breads, carrots, eggs, Mimosas. Coffee, of course. It's the best meal for a lazy day of celebrating. 

Pattern, HOP HOP - a rift on the Six Letter Sentiments Collection, and dots.

Pattern, HOP HOP - a rift on the Six Letter Sentiments Collection, and dots.

Speaking of lazy, this post is about how to create black + white easter eggs. It's so easy, it's not even really a how to. These sweet and simple eggs are an easy project to give your modern decor a fresh Easter look. Plus, the kids can easily join in with no fuss and minimal mess. So, here it goes:

How To - Black + White Easter Eggs:

  1. Boil a dozen, or more, eggs. If you need tips on how to boil the perfect egg, click here.
  2. Let eggs cool completely. Room temperature is best. Tip: Cold eggs from the fridge will sweat, causing smudges.
  3. Grab a variety of black Sharpie pens with varying tip sizes and styles. If you're up for colour or metallics, go for it.  
  4. Start decorating! Try handwriting, simple dots, straight or wavy lines, abstract patterns, precise patterns. This is glorified doodling and there are no limits. Get creative!
  5. Sharpie ink dries quickly, but be careful to let areas of ink dry before handling to avoid smudging. 
  6. Display your eggs in a simple bowl for an Easter centrepiece. Or, create a modern rope basket like the one seen here by Chelsea Foy.
Get doodling on those eggs!

Get doodling on those eggs!

I bet you were expecting to see gold foil eggs, right? Maybe next year! With the combination of two littles on March Break, plus the Easter holiday... I just didn't have the time to go for gold. I love neutral palettes just as well. Just like the pieces you'll find in the shop. Many gold, but not all! Here are a few other DIYs that I've collected for Easter on Pinterest. Happy Spring!

Love It - Agate

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Another edition of LOVE IT is ready to go and this time, we have an affection for all things agate. Mesmerizing slices of agate are the perfect way to bring the outdoors in. Timeless and classic. Neutral or bright. We've rounded the best items for your home and even a lovely pendant for you.

  1. Agate Art Print by Swell Made Co. 
  2. Agate wallpaper by Robert Crowder found at Harbinger
  3. Agate throw pillow found on Society 6
  4. Agate jewelry box at West Elm
  5. Agate pendant in teal blue found at Leif Shop
  6. Gilded agate coaster set by Jacob & Lana on Etsy
  7. Agate bookends found at Bliss Home & Design

And to finish off this inspirational list for home, we have some some agate projects if you're up for some DIY. Frame agate inspired wallpaper, or gilded agate slices to create an impact. Or, simply display coasters in your home. They're all simple ways to get the look (click images for direct links).


How To | Create a Gold + Black Pumpkin

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How to create a gold and black pumpkin by Swell Made Co.

How to create a gold and black pumpkin by Swell Made Co.

BOO! BOO. Halloween is 11 days away and my little pumpkins are starting to get excited. Simple decorating and costume making (and buying) has commenced. Over the Thanksgiving weekend, we picked our pumpkins and I created a no-carve one for you! The rest of our pumpkins will get an old fashioned carving.

This is my "fancy" version inspired by Swell Made Co.'s very own Six Letter Sentiments collection. Here's how to create it yourself, or to create any design you like. It's simple, I swear. So, don't sweat it. Plus, I have included a printable template to help you out.


  • A medium to large pumpkin

  • Black acrylic paint

  • Large, soft paint brush + small, soft paint brush

  • Sharp pencil

  • Gold acrylic paint (or gold spray paint)


  1. Clean your pumpkin with water and let dry.

  2. Using your larger paint brush, paint the pumpkin using long brush strokes with the grain (up and down) of the pumpkin. Let dry overnight.

  3. Print the BOO BOO template by Swell Made Co. or any other design you'd like to use. If you want to freehand, skip the next step.

  4. Put the printed design in place on the smoothest part of your pumpkin. Using a sharp pencil, trace the design on your paper. Press firmly to make an impression on the pumpkin's surface.

  5. Use your small brush to paint in your design with gold paint. You'll likely need to do a few coats. Let dry for at least an 1 hour.

  6. That's it! You may also use a sealant to protect your painted pumpkin. This is advisable in cooler climates where the pumpkin may expand or contract during cold nights if left outdoors.

Alternatively, you could create a stencil of your design and use gold spray paint to apply your design. I like to free-hand, but the spray paint would provide a much cleaner and crisp look. Just mask the areas you don't want painted and head outside for ventilation. 

Thanks for following this HOW TO. I hope you and your pumpkins (big and small) have a safe and happy Halloween!

BOO BOO gold painted pumpkin. A DIY by Swell Made Co.

BOO BOO gold painted pumpkin. A DIY by Swell Made Co.