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Love It | The Beach
LOVE IT - Dreaming of beaches and the tropics with Swell Made Co.

LOVE IT - Dreaming of beaches and the tropics with Swell Made Co.

In the midst of February blahs we all need a little warm up. This LOVE IT list takes us to the beach. Whether you're dreaming of warmer days, or are escaping for a winter getaway - These beach inspired items will surely brighten your home (or yourself). You can find a bunch of these items in our stockists' shops (online or in-store).

  1. Palms art print by Swell Made Co
  2. Round towel with leather carrier by the Beach People. This isn't just any towel. It's a statement. An art piece. A towel you'll treasure season after season. Available in patterns that pay tribute to beach destinations across the globe. 
  3. Amongst the Waves spray by Love + Salt. Get beach hair at home with this delightful spray. Available at
  4. Pineapple tumbler by W&P Design. Mix your favourite beach cocktail and sit back with this adorable and classic gold pineapple tumbler. You can even add a gold straw! In Toronto? You'll find these at Collected Joy and Spruce on Parliament.
  5. Grab a classic glass vase and some tropical leaves from your local florist. Voila! I bet you're feeling the warmth at home already.
  6. Acapulco chair by Innit. This chair is another classic that will make any room (or patio) feel like you're in, well, Acapulco! It comes in a variety of colours from bright to neutral.
  7. Coco Rose lip tint by Herbivore. This lip tint comes in coral to give you a sun kissed look. Grab it at Bibleot and Token
  8. Sun, Sun, Sun art print by Swell Made Co.

Wishing you sunny days ahead! Enjoy.

Love It | Pizza

This love it list is a fun one. A love for all things pizza which is a love that runs deep (dish). February 9, 2016 is National Pizza Day. Dial up your local pizza place, or roll up your sleeves and be one with the dough. It's time to choose your favourite toppings and celebrate with a pizza pie!

Here is a quick list of fun things for yourself, fellow pizza lovers and your home that profess your eternal love for pizza, whether it's deep-dish or thin crust.

  1. Eternal Pizza art print by Swell Made Co
  2. Pizza Keytags by Various Projects. These keytags are perfectly simple in every way. Declare your love for pizza (and so many other things) with a keytag. We'll be offering Swell Made Co. keytags in the online shop soon!
  3. Pizza Cutter by Primal Kitchen Food 52. This beautiful, but heavy-duty wood pizza cutter creates the perfect slice. 
  4. Toothsome Plate by Said the King. Said the King is known for their minimalist, but witty plates. Let's ask them for a pizza plate, yah?
  5. Pizza Stones by SPARQ Home for Food 52. Perfect for baking and cutting your creations, a pizza stone is a must. Plus, they can double as cheese boards.
  6. Pizza iPhone Cover by 2D Pizza for Society 6
  7. Pizza Door Mat from Lulu & Georgia. Your pizza delivery guy will love this door mat. And, so will everyone else who arrives at your door. 

Happy National Pizza Day! Enjoy. 

Gift It | The Neutral Gift Guide

You saw our sparkly Host edition of Gift It back in November. This edition of Gift It is neutral in more ways than one. Black and white is definitely classic, but so are these gifts. Almost anyone can enjoy these simple pleasures. So, if you're stumped for ideas, these no-fail ideas are sure to please.

  1. Do Big Small Things Book by Bruce Poon Tip. Sure, adult coloring books are all the rage this season, but here's a version that will turn that gift idea into a journey. You’ll be challenged to write, rip, make, and share as you escape your comfort zone and pay it forward with this book. 
  2. Hanging Light by Color Cord. Give the gift of light with these adorable combinations of colored cords and classic bulbs. I know! A light? They're perfect in any room and small spaces to give a special ambiance. I've gifted a few from Birch & Co. and they're a always a hit.
  3. NEW! Work It Tote Bag by Swell Made Co. Carry and strut your stuff with this cotton tote bag. It's extra large and heavy-duty.
  4. Socks by HS Socks. Everyone needs socks, so why not give quality, fun socks! You can gift these directly from Giftagram too!
  5. Soap Stones by Pelle. I can't get enough of these soap stones! Everyone needs soap. So again, make it quality, fun soap. Check out their other designs too.
  6. Let it Snow holiday card by Swell Made Co.
  7. Alright Art Print by Swell Made Co. Anyone can relate to this art print. Classic statement, classic type. 

Enjoy your holiday gifting! Remember, don't stress and keep it simple. Have fun! It's definitely the thought and your presence that counts.