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Love It | Coffee

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This love it list is an obvious one. A love for all things coffee which is pretty much a universal love. Speaking of which, there are days for that. Tuesday, September 29 is National Coffee Day in many countries, and Thursday, October 1 is International Coffee Day. What a week to celebrate. We have a fun giveaway coming up in honour of our favourite drink. Stay tuned! If you have one of our coffee prints, tag it #swellmadecoffee. We'd love to see the prints in your spaces!

Here is a quick list of fun things for yourself and your home that profess your mad love for coffee, whether it's drip or espresso.

  1. But First, Coffee art print by Swell Made Co
  2. Moscow Copper Mule Mug available on Giftagram and West Elm. Take your love for coffee into the evening with a cold coffee cocktail in this mug.
  3. Chemex Coffee Maker
  4. Design Letters Mug by Arne Jacobsen
  5. That Hot Barista Candle by Coal and Canary from Little Blue Canoe
  6. It's Better Pure Coffee art print by Hatch Show Print. I was given this print as a gift and I LOVE it. 

To top off this fun list of goods, we also have a list of our favourite coffee shops in Toronto to celebrate National Coffee Day. 

  1. Rooster Coffee on Broadview - Great coffee in a quaint, but bustling spot. Stunning views of Toronto too. Take a seat inside, on the patio or across the street in the glorious park.
  2. Reunion Island in Roncesvalles - A bright spot with delicious coffee in Roncy. 
  3. Bar Raval - Known for tapas and nightlife, Bar Raval is also open early and serves up fine coffee and breakfast to go (or stay). 
  4. My House - I make a mean latte. Iced or hot. When you're up before the coffee shop, you're required to have some coffee making skills. 

Other Notable Spots: Te Aro in Leslieville, Dark Horse Espresso with multiple locations throughout Toronto, Balzacs Coffee throughout Ontario, and Dineen Coffee in the financial district. 

Enjoy your cup!

Love It | Moon Phases

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LOVE IT | Moon phases for the home with Swell Made Co.

LOVE IT | Moon phases for the home with Swell Made Co.

Similar to our GIFT IT blog series, we're starting a new series called LOVE IT. They're quick, simple lists of things we love right NOW. Edited July 7, 2016.

First up, moon phases. We're still loving them! Live by the sun, love by the moon. What a dreamy phrase. Here are some equally dreamy pieces to grab for your home or cottage (and one for your ears), including some of our best-selling art prints. 

  1. Moon Phases Art Print by Swell Made Co. Our best-selling art print that's perfect for your home or cottage.
  2. Moon Leather Coasters found at Leif Shop
  3. Moon Phase Earrings Set by Species by the Thousands
  4. Moon Phase Dominoes Set by Fredericks and Mae. This playful set is available at West Elm and Urban Outfitters.
  5. Moon Phase Plate & Mug by Rachel Lowe.
  6. Sleep Under the Stars Art Print by Swell Made Co. An art print that rivals the solitude of the night sky.

And to finish off this inspirational list for home, we have two moon phase projects if you're up for some DIY. A simple moon clock from Bambula, and a moon phase marble wall hanging from Almost Makes Perfect (click images for direct links). Visit Swell Made Co. on Pinterest for more DIY and moon loving inspiration.


Gift It - Wedding Day

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WARNING - This is an emotionally loaded post that may feature non-traditional wedding gifts. 

Wedding season is well underway, but it's not too late for this post. Actually, I think it's apropos for so many reasons and I think you'll agree:

1) Today is the 11th anniversary of the wedding and marriage to my best friend and true "team-mate" in this crazy adventure we call life. For that, I am very fortunate. I was watching my daughter's junior kindergarten "graduation" slideshow the other day. As I saw all the sweet faces, they played the song from our wedding. I'm not one to get overly sentimental; but in that moment, I realized life has truly flown by. In a blink. Bittersweet, I tell you. I'm aging myself, but were married young. 2 kids + countless travels + 6 homes + 3 cross-country moves + 4 cities + multiple jobs = a whole lotta love in 11 years!

2) It's pride week here in Toronto and I am also fortunate to live in a city and country that is so diverse and accepting. In a season full of unions, it warms my heart to know that we're ALL entitled to a life full of happiness and love. That is a beautiful thing. All year and every day. 

Wedding Day
Sappiness aside, I have a wedding to attend in July and started thinking about what couples that have much of what they need, would actually want. Here are some fun gift ideas:

  1. Love You (Art Print) - We've selected some of our favourite tunes and made the lyrics last with this smooth white print (100 lb. stock) with rich black ink. 
  2. Gold Lettered Globe - Dream of the places you've been and the places you'll go with this gold lettered decorative globe. 
  3. Chemex Coffeemaker - Truly a work of art, the Chemex coffee maker was invented in 1941. It brews coffee without imparting any flavors of its own. Form meets function with this beautiful coffee maker. You can find these in Canada via Giftagram and Toronto's very own Pilot Coffee Roasters.
  4. Vintage Marquee Letter - New, vintage or handmade. Any couple would love to display their initials or a kindred word on the wall with marquee letters. Check out salvage and antique shops, or get your hands dirty and go DIY.
  5. Foreva (Greeting Card) - Foreva. A special edition in our Six Letter Sentiments series. Who says you can't speak volumes with only six letters? A short and sweet way to congratulate a couple. Unless, you know an Eva. We're sure she'll love it too!
  6. Landyacthz Longboard - Long walks are nice, but what about a longboard? Keep the fun alive with a Landyachtz Longboard so your couple can cruise together. I bought one of these a few anniversaries back and it's a keepsake in our house. We all love it. Plus, Landyachtz is proudly Canadian!
  7. Sleep Under the Stars (Art Print) - For the couple who vow to sleep under the stars forever. This rich black art print with luxe gold foil will last for many moons. 

Just a few more ideas:

King + Queen, King + King, Queen + Queen they all equal love and you can mix and match our Subway Glam prints to suit your couple.

For the more traditional, but thoughtful gift you could gift the gold lined espresso set by Montreal's Atelier Make. All of their fine porcelain is handmade and exquisitely dreamy, yet classic. They also have lovely serving trays. Couples always need serving sets too, so why not this gold set from West Elm?

Finally, our Oui Oui print. Afterall, they did just say I Do, I Do.

Gift It | Father's Day

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Father's Day
We had you covered for Mother's Day, so we're doing the same for Dad too! In this edition of Gift It we have some modern and humble gifts for the man called Dad, or Pop. Here are some gift ideas, many of which can be found at our stockists' shops. 

  1. King (Art Print) - Our subway glam print, King. For home or office, it will provide a regal and urban presence.
  2. Mixology Rock Glasses (20K) by Vital Industries - He can enjoy his favourite drink on the rocks with this set of mixology glasses. We couldn't resist, the type is 20K gold!
  3. Sea Salt Soap - This is the best smelling soap on the planet. It's neutral and not overly "manly". It's just the best. Enough said. 
  4. Jigger - Mix drinks with style and class, with this stainless steel jigger. 
  5. S'well Bottle with Wood Finish - S'well bottles are sleek and practical keeping your drinks hot or cold while looking great. Plus, they're lightweight. This woods themed bottle is perfect for him.
  6. Dad Pop Card  -  No matter what you call him, he's a proud POP. Or, DAD. He's certainly a RAD DAD. These cards are the perfect way to show him how much you appreciate everything he does. Short and sweet, we always say.
  7. Bloor (Art Print) - Another print from our Subway Glam series. Whether he's a Bay Street guy or travels on the Bloor line from Keele to Castle Frank (does anyone ever get off there?), this print is rich, black, luxe and all urban. 

Just a few more ideas... 

Dads need their coffee too! This rich black print with luxe gold foil says it all. It's a great way to start the morning. Plus, we have keytags too! Since we're talking mornings, if Dad has a fluffy beard, he can tame it with Lone Woods Beard Oil found at Skin to Skin Goods

Ole Originals represents Dads from coast to coast with their high-quality, screen printed T-shirts. We've shown Tofino, but they have hip graphics for dudes with a thing for PEI, Edmonton and pretty much everywhere in between. These are Canadian made, but they have US locations too.

Happy Father's Day to all the Rad Dads out there! 

Gift It | For Your Cottage Host

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For Your Cottage Host
Victoria Day or May Two-Four (which is never on May 24) is upon us! How did that happen? It doesn't even feel like summer yet, but that's not going to stop hoards of people from heading to the cottage (or cabin) for the first long weekend of the season! This edition of Gift It is all about the cottage.

We don't have a cottage, so the next best thing, is being invited. If you're going to be a guest (we'll post on how to be a good guest soon) at a cottage this summer, here are some gift ideas for your gracious host. Most of these gifts can be found at our stockists' shops or online. 

  1. Moons (Art Print) - Get out of the city and be humbled by the outdoors. This rich black print with luxe gold foil rivals the solitude of the night sky. 
  2. North Pillow by Nicole Tarasick - This copper, feather-filled pillow says it all. Modern, but comfortable for those times when you're curled up inside. 
  3. Fold Trivet by Xenia Taler - Trivet or wall hanging. You decide. This beauty of a piece is as timeless as it is modern. Sure to please and be put to good use.
  4. Dixon Table Runner by Avril Loreti - The cottage is sometimes forgotten when it comes to decor. That shouldn't be the case, at all. Brighten up a tablescape with this tile inspired table runner. Whimsy and visual interest in an instant. 
  5. Booyah Card - To top it off, we have a simple card. It's a blank canvas to express how grateful you are to be invited to the cottage, to have fun amongst good company in the outdoors. All you need is six letters!
  6. Walk in the Woods (Art Print)  -  Clear your mind and walk in the woods. Your host will be reminded of nature's simplistic beauty with this smooth white print with luxe gold foil. 

Just a few more ideas...

A getaway to the cottage wouldn't be complete without some time by the fire. These gifts, a Woodlot Heat candle and our Shine Bright (Art Print) remind your host of times at the cottage long after the weekend is over. 

There are always lots of things to tote to and from the cottage (food, drinks, linens... you get the idea). Give them a Summah rope tote to help carry the load. It's great for any adventure. 

Stay clean and fresh at the cottage with Lovefresh's Lavender Wash. It can be used as a hand or body wash. It's multi-purpose, and delightfully luxe. It never hurts to have a bit of luxury up at the cottage!

Enjoy your long weekend! While we may not be at the cottage this weekend, we have an exciting weekend full of family visits, birthdays and a little getaway to Prince Edward County for wine and a stay at the Drake Devonshire. We're beyond excited about that. We'll post some of our favourites from the County soon.