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Best Plants To Rejuvenate Your Space
Best Plants To Rejuvenate Your Space by Swell Made Co. Photo by Leonardo Iheme.

Best Plants To Rejuvenate Your Space by Swell Made Co. Photo by Leonardo Iheme.

Rejuvenate Your Space with Plants

Plants don’t just elevate the look of your space, they create a calm space to take refuge and be rejuvenated. Bringing the outdoors in can help satisfy your desire and need to be closer to nature all year round. Better yet! There is scientific proof plants extend their peaceful power to us in more ways than one. They beautify a home while simultaneously cleaning its air by removing toxins and creating calm.

Having plants in your space has even been shown to increase creativity and productivity. Altogether, plants ultimately play a significant role in reducing stress. Giving your plants the TLC they need to thrive can be very rewarding once you get the hang of it. We’ll explore five plants that are easy to care for and will soften your spaces while giving them a green boost that promotes a healthy body and mind.

Aloe vera. Photo by Jessica Lewis.

Aloe vera. Photo by Jessica Lewis.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a popular houseplant that has won home gardeners over for its hardiness and tolerance for low watering (good news, black thumbs!). Considered a succulent, it’s well known that aloe vera produces a gel-like substance that can be used to naturally soothe skin, particularly for cuts and burns. That’s not all this powerful plant can do, though. It also purifies the air in your space by removing common pollutants. A double dose for the health of your home, this “wonder plant” has been used therapeutically since ancient times.

Peace lily. Photo by Mitch Lensink.

Peace lily. Photo by Mitch Lensink.

The Peace Lily

The peace lily (spathiphyllum) not only looks beautiful with its dark leaves and white flowers, but it’s relatively low maintenance. It is very tolerant to low watering just like aloe vera mentioned above. Like other plants in this post, peace lilies literally extend their peace to you by will reducing common toxins in the atmosphere of your home. If you’re a green thumb, peace lilies are also great for propagating and making new plant pals.

Bamboo Palm

Bamboo palm is a popular choice for a houseplant with its versatility and tropical vibe. It’s easy to grow and care for and like other plants in this post, and is known to help reduce atmospheric toxicity through natural respiration. There are multiple kinds of bamboo, but the bamboo palm (chamaedorea) is rated by NASA’s Clean Air Study as one of the most purifying plants for your space. Tolerant to low light, just place near a window and water occasionally to maintain well-drained soil and your bamboo palm will thrive.

Snake plant. Photo Kara Eads.

Snake plant. Photo Kara Eads.

The Snake Plant

Snake plants (sansevieria) are incredibly low maintenance making them a popular choice as plant pals. A little light and a little water go a long way. With its elongated and bold leaves, this plant is the perfect space-saving indoor plant. Also known as Mother-in-law’s tongue, this is one MIL you’ll be happy to have around. Even in your bedroom! Why? Carbon dioxide is absorbed during the day and oxygen is released at night. Snake plants are one of the few plants that do this. Other plants typically release oxygen during the day. Putting a snake plant in your bedroom will help you sleep easy as it helps cleans the air for healthy respiration.

Stretching vines by Kyle Glenn.

Stretching vines by Kyle Glenn.

Hanging or Trailing Vines

Hoya, ivy, and other vine plants that can be naturally trained to hang or trail can be grouped and styled to have a big impact in your home — visually and for maximum health benefits as the vines quietly and humbly recycle air. Hang vines from a bookshelf or baskets. Train them to climb walls or grow around fixtures such as mirrors. This not so creepy style of plant communicates growth and calm to anyone entering your space. Examples of common vines are spider plants, pothos and philodendron. All are easy to care for and easy to propagate too.

Inviting Plants into Your Space

Inviting a variety of plants into your home will help rejuvenate you and your space. Naturally, these plants will reduce common toxins in your home as they “breathe” in carbon dioxide and exhale pure oxygen. Plus, studies have shown the simple presence of plants can help people feel more at ease.

Two to three medium-sized plants for every 100 sq. ft. will help clean the air and rejuvenate your space. Especially if you add the powerhouse plants mentioned above. Adding even more plants will help your home get healthy is less time. You’ll notice a difference in just one week. When buying plants think about where you spend the most time (and the growing conditions of those rooms), such as a home office, where you watch TV or read, or bedrooms where you sleep. Add plants to these spaces and watch little miracles happen!

Love It | Family Friendly Style
Love It | Family friendly style with Swell Made Co.

Love It | Family friendly style with Swell Made Co.

This past week, 30 plus members of my family descended the shores of Lake Huron for a summer reunion. With the chaos, mess and pure bliss of family time on my mind; I thought it was the perfect time to come up with a LOVE IT list for family-friendly style. If you have kids, you know that there are definitely some considerations that have to be made to accommodate family living; but that doesn’t mean you can’t have style. Actually, it’s quite the opposite. Investing in some classic pieces, over time, helps you live through the years of wear and tear of family life while creating memories a long the way.

Here are a few of our favourite pieces for family life:

  1. Rainbow art print by Swell Made Co. Shine bright in your home with this happy rainbow art print that grows with your family.

  2. Jericho Vintage Rug from Eski Design. Rugs are a big investment, but they literally last a lifetime. Who knows? Maybe your vintage rug will become and heirloom, but in the meantime bring colour and pattern into your home with a colourful rug. These well-made rugs stand the test of time and the classic patterns hide inevitable stains and mess that come with family life. Eski Design, Casa Alma and Rug & Weave all have options.

  3. Wooden Backgammon Game by REMEMBER from Smallable. Classic board games are a great way to spend time together on rainy days. Whatever your favourite game is, invest in a set that will live on year after year like this wooden game by REMEMBER. This Danish company also offers Dominoes, Chess and other classics.

  4. Confetti Soap. Kids have sticky hands. All. Of. The Time. Make washing fun with this hand made bar of confetti soap.

  5. Marimekko Oiva Rice Bowls from EQ3. If there is one dish on repeat at our house, it’s the humble ice cream or rice bowl. For said ice cream and rice, but also for cereal, snacks, dinner. The list goes on just as the request for something to eat. Little bowls pull some serious weight, so have lots on hand.

  6. Frank Tray by GoodThing from West Elm. You can never have enough trays around the house with a family. Make cluttered chaos appear neat and collected with trays for all the things. A modern take on a classic paper hot dog holder, this lacquered steel tray is a catchall for everything from keys to jewelry to desktop accessories.

  7. The Nix Chair by Capdell. As a family, you’ll spend a lot of time gathered around the table for meals, games, homework and family meetings. Invest in solid, easy to clean chairs. Our go to is the Eames chair; but if you have a big budget I give you The Nix Chair. Sleek and iconic, this chair will see you through to adulthood and beyond. Available in a variety of colours (beech shown above).

  8. FAMILY art print by Swell Made Co. Six letters that spell what matters most. Need we say more? We are family.

Want to see more family-friendly style? Follow us on Pinterest. Other items that are high on our list for family style are baskets and hooks to keep everyone’s stuff in place in an effort to stay organized. Throw blankets and pillows to create a cozy vibe for snuggling, reading and movie nights. Also, foot stools for added height while kids are small, but also for extra seating when you have friends and family around. What are your favourites for family-friendly style?

Gift It | Wedding + Housewarming
Gift It | Gift ideas for wedding and housewarming season with Swell Made Co.

Gift It | Gift ideas for wedding and housewarming season with Swell Made Co.

Summer is wedding + housewarming season, so we’ve come up with a GIFT IT list that has you covered all year-long. Keep it simple with these gift ideas that are tried and true to help you celebrate life’s milestones with friends and family. They’re thoughtful, but easy. Add a card with a note from the heart to make it even more personal. Our This Calls for Champagne and BIG DAY cards are the top-sellers for tying the knot.

Here are a few of our favourite gifts for newlyweds and new homes:

  1. This Must Be The Place art print by Swell Made Co. Whether it’s a new house or a new life together, this art print with lyrics by the Talking Heads is a new take on the classic “home sweet home.”

  2. Curl Up cotton throw blanket by Swell Made Co. Every home needs a good place to curl up. Gift this blanket to encourage slow living and together time. You know, the important things in life.

  3. Keytags by Swell Made Co. New life = new keys! It’s the little things that count. Grab a keytag for your friends and family that speaks to them. We have a styles for all.

  4. Green Glass Vase by Bloomingville. Give the classic gift of a simple vase. A vase is an easy way to bring in some playful colour, shape and texture into your recipient’s home. Fill it with flowers (also timeless) if you like. If not, the new owners will always think of you when they do.

  5. This calls for wine. For both occasions, of course. Pick up a good bottle of wine to commemorate the occasion. Bonus points if the vintage year is special to them (year they met, etc.). Like a good relationship, a good wine only gets better with age.

  6. Carafe with Glass from Maison Balzac. For the wine (and water) lovers, you can also pick up this carafe with glass. Another gift of classic coloured glass, this set is available in jewel tones and opaque options. You can also purchase additional matching gobelets in the same colour or complimentary colours.

  7. House plant. Calathea Freddie in a Hyde Planter from The Sill. A plant is always a great gift. Plants cleanse the air, promote a sense of calm and make a home look lived in with colour and texture. Choose a plant based on your recipients level of care (beginner to advanced) and lighting conditions. Pair with this self-draining planter available in 4 neutral colours.

  8. Johnny Cash art print by Swell Made Co. Johnny Cash knew a thing or two about simplicity. This quote describes paradise in his own words. Perfect for romantics and newlyweds.

Happy celebrating, swell friends! How many weddings are you attending this summer?

These are swell too: