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Love It | The Beach

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  LOVE IT - Dreaming of beaches and the tropics with Swell Made Co.

LOVE IT - Dreaming of beaches and the tropics with Swell Made Co.

In the midst of February blahs we all need a little warm up. This LOVE IT list takes us to the beach. Whether you're dreaming of warmer days, or are escaping for a winter getaway - These beach inspired items will surely brighten your home (or yourself). You can find a bunch of these items in our stockists' shops (online or in-store).

  1. Palms art print by Swell Made Co
  2. Round towel with leather carrier by the Beach People. This isn't just any towel. It's a statement. An art piece. A towel you'll treasure season after season. Available in patterns that pay tribute to beach destinations across the globe. 
  3. Amongst the Waves spray by Love + Salt. Get beach hair at home with this delightful spray. Available at great.ly.
  4. Pineapple tumbler by W&P Design. Mix your favourite beach cocktail and sit back with this adorable and classic gold pineapple tumbler. You can even add a gold straw! In Toronto? You'll find these at Collected Joy and Spruce on Parliament.
  5. Grab a classic glass vase and some tropical leaves from your local florist. Voila! I bet you're feeling the warmth at home already.
  6. Acapulco chair by Innit. This chair is another classic that will make any room (or patio) feel like you're in, well, Acapulco! It comes in a variety of colours from bright to neutral.
  7. Coco Rose lip tint by Herbivore. This lip tint comes in coral to give you a sun kissed look. Grab it at Bibleot and Token
  8. Sun, Sun, Sun art print by Swell Made Co.

Wishing you sunny days ahead! Enjoy.

HOORAY! Swell Made Co. is ONE

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It's always a frightening thing to take a leap and follow your heart. Almost always. Change is hard. You know it's the right thing to do, but you have reservations. My advice? Don't. Follow those dreams, smile and hustle (and drink coffee or whatever fuels you). Good things are bound to happen.

Swell Made Co. is one year old! It's been a wild, but very rewarding year. I started Swell Made Co. in November last year (2014). I stumbled a bit late into the holiday season. It was a strange time of year to get into the business, but it was one of those "now or never" moments, so I jumped. No regrets.

After ringing in the New Year (2015), I was reading a horoscope that claimed my business venture would takeoff off in the fall. It also claimed I would meet a woman and we would see much success together. While, I'm not huge on horoscopes there might be some truth to that. Things have been taking off this fall; but, I haven't met one single women in business. I've met so many, many more. It's humbling, actually. Throughout this year, one of my greatest pleasures has been meeting SO MANY women (and men) out there killing it whether through a creative business like Swell Made Co., running a brick and mortar shop, or anything else you can imagine. Women all around me are living their self-made dreams. It's not easy, but they're doing it well. Working smart, making connections and having passion.

So, as Swell Made Co. comes up to one year and hopefully many, many more; I just want to thank ALL of you for believing in me and supporting me in my first year. Sharon at Collected Joy who was one of my first stockists and gave me a crash course in retail. Queenie of Queenie's Cards for keeping motherhood and business real, and sharing a passion for cookies and stationery with me. Stacey at Lovefresh for giving me an opportunity to work with and learn about small, creative businesses. My friend Brandy from Heart + Habit who is so incredibly wise and thoughtful. My friend Christine who is always boundlessly sharing ideas for "fun". Those are just a few! Thank you so much. 

Each and everyone one of my stockists and collaborators is an inspiration and has provided me with so much wisdom in such a short time. I love hearing all of your stories, visiting your shops when I can (and believe me, I try) and just waking up everyday and working with you. It's a dream come true, but not without tons of smiles, coffee and hustle. They go a long way.

That was a bit schmoopy, but what can I say? This is my business baby, and a lot of my heart goes into it so I can support my real babies and their dreams! Coincidentally, we're heading out on a family vacation today. That's not a planned part of celebrating one year, but I'll take it. 

Have some sage advice or well wishes as I enter my second year? I'd love to hear it. 

Meet Our Stockists | Pretty Little Threads

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  Lovely display at Pretty Little Threads

Lovely display at Pretty Little Threads

It's time to meet another fab Swell Made Co. stockist. This time we're heading to Lindsay, Ontario to Pretty Little Threads. A newly opened (this past June) and very sweet shop that offers up fashion, accessories, home decor and stationery. It's a fun mix of pretty little things and great brands.

Pretty Little Threads is solely owned and operated by girl boss, Jill Trider. Jill grew up in Lindsay, Ontario and always knew she would settle there. After years of living and working in Toronto for a large global brand, she headed home to make her dream of owning a boutique come true.

With her past experience in retail, management and marketing; plus her creative talents, Jill created a destination shop that is uniquely her own. Modern, but with a vintage feel. Just look at those displays! Simply put, it's a happy place you MUST visit. She has plans to go online soon, too.

  Jill lives by this rule every single day. 

Jill lives by this rule every single day. 

Jill is doing what she loves every single day and it shows at Pretty Little Threads. We love her story and her shop. It's an inspiration for all you girl bosses out there. Find what you love and get out there and crush it, like Jill. She's loving it all and has created a creative and style hub, right at home in Lindsay. 

I have to pinch myself everyday. I get to wake up and do what I love - You know exactly what I mean!
— Jill Trider

Pretty Little Threads is located in the heart of the Kawarthas. The next time you're heading to the cottage, definitely make a side trip to visit this friendly little town and Jill's lovely shop. The fall/winter collections are in and they're gorgeous. 

  Simple beauty in the shop. She's got you covered.

Simple beauty in the shop. She's got you covered.

Pretty Little Threads
Women's fashion and accessories in the heart of Downtown Lindsay.

113 Kent Street, Lindsay, ON


Meet Our Stockists | The Chic Canuck

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  The Chic Canuck tote with Canadian-made goods. 

The Chic Canuck tote with Canadian-made goods. 

It's time to meet another fab Swell Made Co. stockist and we're so proud to introduce The Chic Canuck. The Chic Canuck offers an online shop (and pop-ups) where you can find the best of what Canadian talent has to offer, but it's so much more than that. It's a curated guide to Canadian business, design, travel and style. A trusted space and shop that offers suggestions from what gift to buy for a friend to what to see and eat in Vancouver (and other Canadian cities). They've got you covered from coast-to-coast. They are a tastemaker's guide to Canada. 

  Gracie Carroll and Hana Oh of The Chic Canuck.

Gracie Carroll and Hana Oh of The Chic Canuck.

Founded by Gracie Carroll, she created The Chic Canuck to fill a void in the market that supported the talent that exists within the borders of our own home. She wanted to make it easy for Canadians to support local without sacrificing style or quality. You can see it in her curated collection that is sourced with good taste and pride. 

Here's what the team has to say in their own words:

"The Chic Canuck was founded by Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger, Gracie Carroll, and a team of true Canucks brought together by their love and enthusiasm for Canada and its homegrown talent. Our individual experiences working, living and travelling abroad, brought all of us a new-found patriotism and affection for our country that grew stronger the longer we were away. As Joni Mitchell would say, sometimes "you don't know what you've got 'til it's gone". Thankfully, we were able to come back.

In a country as vast as Canada, and one that is filled with so much talent, we are not only fortunate to have choice and power when it comes to our purchasing decisions, but we have the ability to support great Canadian businesses (big and small) every single day.

Did you know that if each of us spent $100 a year more on local businesses instead of chain stores, it would put an extra $3 million a year into our economy? Not only that, but it would also create thousands more jobs every year?".

  Some goods on their way to a Chic Canuck fan.

Some goods on their way to a Chic Canuck fan.

We share the same commitment to supporting local, Canadian businesses. That's why we're so thrilled to work with The Chic Canuck and join their roster of vetted Canuck brands that include Gold Apothecary, Ella's Natural Botanics, Mary Young, Harlow Skin Co., The Crazy Plate Lady, Said the King and so many more.

Not only do they provide a marketplace and a voice for Canada, but they also take time to do good. The Chic Canuck is involved in taking the lead for events with CAMH and Sick Kids throughout the year. Swell Made Co. was honoured to be part of the Darkness to Light night in support of CAMH back in May. 

They're style is killer and so is their support for all that is entrepreneurial and Canadian. That support fuels dreams and creativity in our humble and beautiful home. So, head over to The Chic Canuck or visit them at their next pop-up and say hello. These girls are are on fire and are destined to be a force in the Canadian retail and publishing industries. 

Meet Our Stockists - Little Blue Canoe

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  Lumberjack tee by Wild Kids Apparel

Lumberjack tee by Wild Kids Apparel

Happy Canada Day! There's something strange about a hump day holiday, but we'll take it. Canada, our beautiful country is 148! We've already tapped into the maple syrup with breakfast and our day will include much more Canadiana. We hope you enjoy the day too!

Today, our friends over at Little Blue Canoe are launching their online shop! It's quite an appropriate day for a launch, they specialize in curating Canada, after all. You'll have to see it for yourself, but they have selected the best of what Canada has to offer in the way of children's apparel, toys and gifts to home and bath. Everything is lovingly curated by the enthusiastic and darling Kelly Bruce who's based in Calgary, Alberta; but you'll often find her traveling across Canada scouting more delightful items:

As I began to explore the different avenues in which I could express this sentiment, I realized that I had to look no further than my own backyard. I was drawn to the work of amazing Canadian artisans, craftspeople and designers. From this talented group, I was inspired to draw together the people and products that linked together my passion with the essence of being Canadian.
  Mountie postcard by Jacqui Lee for Little Blue Canoe

Mountie postcard by Jacqui Lee for Little Blue Canoe

Kelly's taste is impeccable and there's a common thread of cuteness, whimsy and of course, Canada. Head over to the Little Blue Canoe to check out Kelly's collection and meet some of Canada's finest. You'll find Swell Made Co. art prints, stationery and totes amongst the goods. We're so honoured and proud to be part of a lineup highlighting so many great Canadian vendors. 

She'll also feature her vendors and tips on how to put the shop goods to use throughout the year, so watch the blog for ideas and new products. Kelly can't wait to meet you!

We'll keep this post short and sweet so you can get out there and enjoy our beautiful home (every stunning corner from sea to sea). Happy Canada Day! 

  Felt campfire set by Moose and Mouse

Felt campfire set by Moose and Mouse

Little Blue Canoe
Little Blue Canoe is online shop that is anchored in its enthusiasm for the people, products and country we represent.


Meet Our Stockists | KOKITO

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Over the May long weekend, my hubby and I got to sneak away from the kids for one night while Grandma was in charge. Where do you go to recharge for one night that's close to Toronto? Our first answer was Prince Edward County. We spent a week there last summer and fell completely in love. It's so close, yet so far. Think, great wine and food, a slow pace, lakes and sand galore... I'll post more on that particular adventure soon because there is too much to tell, but while we're on the topic of The County, let me introduce one of our new stockists - KOKITO in Bloomfield, ON. 

This is one my favourite shops in all of Canada! KOKITO's owners Shelley and Jenn have filled the quaint shop on Bloomfield's Main Street to the brim with a curated selection of Canadiana, modern home goods and so many delightful treasures. Travel+Leisure called KOKITO: quirky and eclectic. You could spend hours examining every little item because each one deserves that much attention. Every item, every maker and the owners themselves have a story to tell and that's what makes this shop so special. You really have to see it for yourself, so make a point of getting out there this summer if you can. You won't regret it. 

Shops like KOKITO are what inspired the creation of Swell Made Co. I love shops that support the building of communities and dreams, like so many of our great stockists. Shop small, shop local. 

Watch for our post about Prince Edward County coming soon!

KOKITO is a purveyor of beautiful everyday objects, with an emphasis on Canadian design and lakeside living. Travel+Leisure calls us: quirky and eclectic.

285 Main St., Bloomfield, Bloomfield, ON.
Prince Edward County



Ohm for Mom

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If you're heading to Lululemon in Yorkville this weekend, you can find our MOM MUM cards too. A perfect way to top off a gift from their beautiful store on Cumberland Street. Whether it's a new mat or a some clothing, the gift of OHM is good one.

As a mom, yoga has become one of my salvations. It's peaceful 'me' time that's hard to find. It does wonders for the body and mind. I'll definitely be hitting the mat on Sunday (Mother's Day). Maybe Saturday too. Enjoy the day with the Moms in your life. 

PS - You'll be able to find our DAD POP cards at Lululemon in June. We haven't forgotten Dad!

Meet Our Stockists | Plum Home + Design

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We're happy to introduce you to one of our first and most treasured stockists, Plum Home + Design in Edmonton, Alberta. This beautiful shop is owned and operated by the lovely interior designer, Jenna Pryor. She's passionate about both facets of her business and it shows. Everything she touches is elegant and classic, and just feels like home. 

 Plum Home + Design, Edmonton, AB. Photo by  Debbie Boccabella

Plum Home + Design, Edmonton, AB. Photo by Debbie Boccabella

As with many of our stockists, this shop has a special place in my heart. Not only because it's lovely, but because it's in Edmonton. A place where I spent half my life, went to school and married my husband. Plum Home + Design is located on 124th Street in one of my favourite neighbourhoods, Westmount. Plum Home + Design is nestled amongst a vibrant community of heritage homes, boutiques and cafes. Don't miss Duchess Bake Shop. As if you haven't heard of it! 

If you're in the Edmonton, stop by Jenna's shop where Jenna and her staff will help you navigate the collection of old and new; all elegant and meant to compliment the personal style and character that makes your house a home. She has curated a lovely collection of pieces from near and far. Just ask about her trip to Britain. You can also shop online! Shipping is free on orders over $50.

 Photos and Design by  Kristin Gibson Design

Photos and Design by Kristin Gibson Design

Jenna runs her retail shop and interior design offices, all while being a mama to a sweet little boy (who's about to become a bIG brother!). In honour of Mother's Day, she paired up with Win House in Edmonton to create these Mama T-Shirts and prints where all proceeds go directly to providing a safe haven for women and mother's in need. A place safe from violence and abuse. You can still purchase these tees for $33.99 before Mother's Day (until May 10) from Plum Home + Design (online or in-store). Add a Queen print, and voila! You have the perfect gift and you get free shipping. 

On that note, Happy almost Mother's Day to all you wonderful women out there! If you're in need of the perfect gift (any time of year), there's still time to visit Plum Home + Design. Say hello, from Swell Made Co.!

  Plum Home + Design, Edmonton, AB. Photo by   Debbie Boccabella

Plum Home + Design, Edmonton, AB. Photo by Debbie Boccabella

Plum Home + Design
Plum Home + Design is retail store and residential interior design firm located in the heart of Edmonton.

12407 108 Avenue, Edmonton, AB