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How To | Make Your Candles Last

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How to Make Your Candles Last by Swell Made Co. 5 Ways.

How to Make Your Candles Last by Swell Made Co. 5 Ways.

I love burning candles all year round, but when the temperatures drop it's a necessity. Snuggle up and create a cozy (hygge) vibe with your candles this fall and winter; but not without reading these simple tips. Here are 5 ways to make your candles last so you can get lit and prolong the burn.


  1. Take the First Time Slow
    Take things slow the first time. To maintain a clean burn with your candles, the first burn is the most important. For your inaugural burn, DO NOT blow the candle out until the wax pool covers the entire surface of your candle, or reaches the outer edge of the candle. This will ensure your candle will melt layer after layer and prevent tunneling. As a guide, a candle should burn an hour for every inch in diameter. Let the candle wax set after it is extinguished.

  2. Keep it Trimmed
    For a slow and even burn, keep your candle clean and trim the wick at about 1/4 inch before each use. Long wicks will cause the candle to burn too quickly. Plus, they can create smoking and soot which will inevitably kill the calm mood. Use a clever little wick trimmer like this one. Scissors will do as well.

  3. Avoid Drafts
    When burning your candle, avoid drafts. Drafts will cause your candle to flicker and cause erratic or uneven wax burning. It's best to keep things minimally breezy to make your candle last, but also to maintain a zen vibe. Not to mention, drafts can be a hazard as well. Always burn candles safely.

  4. Store Candles Properly
    Store candles away from heat and light when not in use. This helps prevent warping and discoloration (if tinted). Particularly if they're long tapered candles. Lay those flat when not in use.

  5. Keep a Lid On It
    If your candle has a lid, like this one, keep it on while your candle is not in use (after it's set). This will keep dust and other stuff (yuck) out of the wax to ensure a clean burn the next round. If you don't have a lid, gently wipe your candle with a with damp cloth if dust has collected between use.

Finally, when your candle has a 1/2 inch of wax left, it's time to say goodbye. It's sad, but with all these tips, your candles will indeed last longer.

That's it! I bet you didn't know there was so much to making a candle last. Neither did I, until I made the tunneling mistake a few times too many. Enjoy your candles and thanks for reading!

If you want to grab the candles shown here, view our collection of signature scents. Dreamed by Swell Made Co. and hand poured by our friends, Wax & Fire Co.

Keeping your candle wicks trimmed will help them last longer. Grapefruit, Bergamot and Rose Candle.

Keeping your candle wicks trimmed will help them last longer. Grapefruit, Bergamot and Rose Candle.

Lavender Mint and Winter Spruce Eco Soy Wax Candle. Dreamed by Swell Made Co. and poured by Wax and Fire Co.

Lavender Mint and Winter Spruce Eco Soy Wax Candle. Dreamed by Swell Made Co. and poured by Wax and Fire Co.

5 Ways to Make Your Candles Last by Swell Made Co.

5 Ways to Make Your Candles Last by Swell Made Co.

Love It | Swans

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LOVE IT - Swooning over swans with Swell Made Co.

LOVE IT - Swooning over swans with Swell Made Co.

Valentine's Day is less than a week away. I usually do a Valentine's Day printable or Valentine's Day DIY, but this year I am swooning over swans. This LOVE IT list follows the heart day theme with an adoration of swans and what they symbolize. Creativity, grace, balance, beauty and of course, LOVE. Those are just a few.

Swans have made their way into art and design since ancient times. They're just so lovely. Swan fact - did you know swans mate for life? And, in many cultures they represent light and dreams.

Enjoy this fun list of swan inspired items for your home, or to simply play with. These aren't your grandmother's swans. Although there are some vintage swans seen above. Let's just say, grandma had solid taste in her day.

  1. Queen Art Print (11x14) by Swell Made Co. This art print is as elegant and graceful as the Queen of the pond herself. Pair with King for the perfect match. Or, pair two Queens. Two Kings. Love is love!
  2. Swan Pouch by Indigo. Bring this dreamy, Swan Lake inspired pouch wherever you go.  
  3. Vintage Brass Swans found on Etsy. Bring some vintage (mid-century) elegance into your space with this set of brass swans. You can also find beautiful brass swan planters and use them for succulents and air plants. Make it modern again.
  4. Swan Tumbler by Xenia Taler. I love the simple graphic work by Xenia Taler, including this swan tumbler with metallic copper finish. 
  5. Gold Swan Pool Float by Fun Boy. Float like a graceful swan (hah!) with this fun pool toy.
  6. Gold Stationery by Swell Made Co. Tell your mate(s) how much you adore them with these gold foil cards.
  7. Deco Bottle Opener found at Leif Shop. Swans had their heyday during the Art Deco period. Pop a bottle with this balanced and beautiful brass opener. A work of art to add to your bar cart.
  8. Swan Chair by Rove Concepts. Show a love for swans mid-century style with this whimsical Swan Chair (Arne Jacobsen). Available in an array of shades, but especially stunning in bright cashmere and boucle wool colours.
  9. OUI OUI Art Print (8x10) by Swell Made Co. Because this is a post about love, after all. Also available as a mini 5x7 art print.

Follow Swell Made Co. on Pinterest to see more swan love. Happy Valentine's Day! Much love.

Gift It | My Fave Holiday Gifts

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LOVE IT - My fave holiday gifts with Swell Made Co.

LOVE IT - My fave holiday gifts with Swell Made Co.

Christmas is only a few days away! What?! It's been a BUSY holiday season over here which I am so grateful for. I've been busy packing orders, popping up at holiday markets, and planning for 2017. Plus, we moved at the start of the month. I'm very much looking forward to a "relaxed" holiday break with my little family as we settle into our new home. I say "relaxed" because anyone with small kids knows that doesn't exist, but we can certainly look forward to unplugging and spending quality time together. That's what it's all about, right?

There is no time left to order online, but if you're still on the hunt for the perfect gift for "her", here are a few of my most favourite things that you can pick up in stores (our stockists) or keep in mind for the rest of the year. I'd love to go all Oprah, and give things things away that's how much I love them! 

  1. Little Heart Keytags by Swell Made Co. These little heart keytags are flying! Watch for more coming to the shop and our stockists soon! 
  2. Kreafunk Ahead Headphones from Drake General Store. Make a statement with these wireless white and gold headphones that are the ultimate accessory. 
  3. Cascadia Candle by Woodlot from Skin to Skin Goods. I can't get enough of this candle. It's so fresh and comforting. I burn it from morning to evening. 
  4. Basil + Grapefruit Soap by Charlotte & Castel from Skin to Skin Goods. A must have for bathing and showering. 
  5. Butterscotch Charge Cord. Stay charged in style with this extra long and extra sweet charge cord. Compatible with iPhones, iPads, and more. 
  6. Gold Mini Bar Earrings by Liel and Lentz. Refined and simple, these earrings take you from day to night. They're perfect for those with sensitive skin. Like me!
  7. Pink Grapefruit Argan Lotion by Leaves of Trees. I CANNOT live without this lotion. I use it all year round to keep my hands soft. During the winter months, I buy the larger tube (150 ml.). Also available in other scents and scent-free. I just love anything grapefruit or citrus. Available at Collected Joy and Scout in Toronto. 
  8. Province of Canada Crewneck. When people ask where I'm from, it's easier to just say "Canada". Having lived across the country, this is the perfect sweatshirt to stay cozy and represent this beautiful country.
  9. Moons Art Print by Swell Made Co. This best-selling art print is perfect for any room. Mine sits bedside.

I hope you love these little gifts as much as I do. Happy Holidays from Swell Made Co. May your break be happy and bright. Enjoy!

Hot Toddy & PJs Guide to Shopping Local

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This collective of Ontario e-boutiques invites you to throw on that onesie, pour a drink, and turn on a holiday flick while shopping local... online! We have you covered with curated gift ideas, all shopable from the coziness of your couch. Here's the guide in Steller.

This weekend, meet the peeps behind these Ontario online shops - Dec 10th 9am - 5pm at Creeds Coffee Bar, 390 Dupont Ave in Toronto. See you there! There will be coffee, of course. 


Smithery is an e-boutique where we curate unique brands, model the pieces on real women, and provide styling tips for every purchase.

Fav Holiday Cocktail: Mulled Wine
Fav Holiday Movie: Home Alone

Knock their socks off with:

Graphic Tees - designed in Toronto with a portion of the proceeds going toward mental health awareness
Bralettes - pretty colours, comfy fit, and a fan favourite at $20 bucks a pop
Super Soft Blanket Scarves - they come with styling tips and a box of tea, making a thoughtful gift  



Liel and Lentz

With a sleek contemporary aesthetic, Liel and Lentz creates timeless jewels that are sophisticated chic. Designed in Toronto with love.

Favourite cocktail: Negroni
Favourite Christmas movie: Elf

Knock their socks off with: 

Mini Bar studs: A must-have in your jewelry box for everyday
Arc necklace: Our signature L&L piece, this necklace looks amazing on anyone and is loved by everyone
Chain Tassel bracelet: Sometimes a bracelet is all you need. Plus, a tassel never hurt anyone! 

Liel and Lintz

Liel and Lintz

swell made co. 

Swell Made Co. creates paper goods + gifts that make a statement. They literally make a statement with witty sayings. They visually make a statement with their simple design - and they're gold!

Fav Holiday Cocktail: That's easy, anything made with Champagne!
Fav Holiday Movie: Love Actually

Knock their socks off with:

Oversized tote bags now available in black for the Fall/Winter season
A versatile art print that can be easily framed for any space, from nurseries to living rooms
Little hearts pendant + chain to show a love for books, wine, tacos, sleep and more. Mix and match! 

Swell Made Co.

Swell Made Co.

da lish cosmetics

These uncomplicated essentials got their start as kitchen-made cosmetics. Today, they're a favourite for women seeking anti-oxidant rich makeup made with as many locally sourced, natural ingredients as possible.

Fav Holiday Cocktail: Rum & Eggnog
Fav Holiday Movie: A Christmas Story

Knock their socks off with:

Lip & Cheek Balm Kit: fiveall-time best selling shades of this creamy, versatile fave. 
Legendary Lipgloss: non-sticky, slightly sheer, full pigment shades with a hit of vanilla scent. 

da lish Cosmetics

da lish Cosmetics

Surfing Ninjas Clothing

Designed by a Toronto mama, inspired by the fearless adventures and playful spirit of her own two little ninjas! These rad threads are comfy, unisex and sweatshop-free!

Fav Holiday Cocktail: Champagne (it’s always a good time for champagne!)
Fav Holiday Movie: The Grinch, especially now that both my kiddos are old enough to watch

Knock their socks off with:

Hot off the presses, our new, custom-knit Ninja Toques for everyone in the family!
Long sleeve “Love Muffin” baby onesie!
Best seller - Our ever classic PLAYGROUND NINJA black sweatshirt!

Cheerfully Made

This e-boutique and retail shop is a handmade hub for local area makers and the people who love them. Owner Emily curates delightful gifts with a focus on the Ottawa valley.

Fav Holiday Cocktail: The Split Tree Hudson Bay

1.5 oz bourbon
1/2 oz of Sweet Vermouth
1/4 oz of Fernet Branca
3/4oz of Split Tree Rhubarb & Elderflower Cordial
3-4 dashes of Rhubarb bitters
Add ice to mixing glass, add all ingredients and stir. Strain into a chilled glass and garnish with an orange peel.

Fav Holiday Movie: Prancer

Knock their socks off with:

At the Office: “World’s Okayest Boss” Mug or Reindeer Farts lip balm and "Enjoy your job" breath spray for your secret santa
For the coffee lover: Black Coffee Apparel baseball tee + toque
For your best friend: “Emotional Baggage” duffel
For your mum: Literary Tea Co tea, Hatchet Made shibori handbag

Surfing Ninjas Clothing

Surfing Ninjas Clothing

Gold apothecary

Gold Apothecary revives the traditional apothecary experience for a modern audience with high quality ingredients, exquisite scents, and gorgeously nostalgic packaging.

Fav Holiday Cocktail: Cranberry Ginger Ale and Spiced Rum
Fav Holiday Movie: Little Women

Knock their socks off with: 

The bath salt of the month club - a beautiful jar ofhandmade bath salts delivered to their door Jan thru March. 
Handmade Soap Set: Seasonal scents of orange spice, earl grey tea, and rosemary peppermint tea.

Gold Apothecary

Gold Apothecary

mai lin jewelry

This dainty silk reminder bracelet echoes the 'string around your finger sentiment' it ties on the wrist and stays fastened through life's beautiful adventures. 

Fav Holiday Cocktail: Ginger Spiced Negroni
Fav Holiday Movie: Jingle All The Way

Knock their socks off with:

Original Friendship Bracelet - The perfect gift for your long distance bestie. Include a personalized, hand-painted watercolour card at no extra cost and have it sent straight to her.
Black Spinel Reminder Bracelet - This one has all of the holiday glitter in the most perfectly neutral way.
Traditional Holiday - It's the holidays so why not echo the gifts of the season - Peace, Love and Joy! 

Mai Lin Jewelry

Mai Lin Jewelry

present day gifts

Present Day Gifts is an online gift box boutique in Toronto with a focus on local, artisan goods. Every box is curated with a keen eye for design and quality in both the packaging and the products with full customization available. All items can be delivered within the city, or shipped across Canada & the US.

Fav Holiday Cocktail: As the weather turns cooler, I love to make a classic Old Fashioned cocktail with Dillons DSB bitters and local maraschino-style cherries.
Fav Holiday Movie: My best friend and I try to watch Little Women (with Winona Ryder) every year around the holidays. We’ve been doing that since we were in Grade 8! The movie starts with a Victorian Christmas scene and it always makes me feel like Christmas is finally here when I watch it.

Knock their socks off with:

Our Shareable Sweets box filled with local, artisan foods as a great holiday client gift or hostess gift. 
Men’s Grooming Kit with local products for any guy in your life. Includes useful items like a shoe kit, sea salt soap, beard and hair oil, etc, all wrapped in a modern gift box. 

Province of Canada and Present Day Gifts

Province of Canada and Present Day Gifts

province of canada

A 100% made in Canada lifestyle brand blending quintessential Canadian style with modern sensibilities. From lake to city life, these cozy men’s and women’s pieces are a new classic.

Fav Holiday Cocktail: Does Chocolate Fudge Crackle Peppermint Chocolate Ice Cream count as a cocktail?
Fav Holiday Movie: Every Christmas Eve we watch National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation – it never gets old.

Knock their socks off with:

Best Seller Unisex Sweatshirt, crafted with the coziest fleece fabric this will be their new go-to
Skinny Unisex Sweats, slim enough to grab a coffee in and comfy enough to catch a flight. 
Socks they actually want to get for Christmas! 


Made in small batches in Toronto, these sustainable products for the family have style and longevity in mind. ReFluff transforms earth-friendly textiles into modern, imaginative pieces.

Fav Holiday Cocktail: Mulled Cider
Fav Holiday Movie: It’s a tie between Home Alone and National Lampoons Christmas Vacation

Knock their socks off with: 

The super cool, super soft Harem Pant in your pick of premium cotton prints.
Reversible Bandanas to keep little ones dry in style
Our family fave, the mason jar travel mug

On Saturday Dec 10th, we invite you to change out of your PJs and join us for a Holiday Market at Creeds Coffee Bar 390 Dupont Avenue from 9am - 5pm. See you there!


Gift It | Mother's Day Brunch

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Gift It - The Brunch Gift Guide by Swell Made Co.

Mother's Day is May 8, 2016! In honour of all the Moms out there this edition of GIFT IT pays tribute to the glorious (and my favourite) meal of brunch. Because, on Mother's Day all I want is to sleep in and eat brunch. That's it! I'm sure a lot of you ladies are with me. Whether you're dining in or out, here is some brunch time inspiration you can use anytime of year, but this lineup definitely gives a nod to Spring. 

  1. Turkish tea/hand towels. They feel, look and function perfectly. A simple accent for any home. 
  2. Brunch side-plates by Fishs Eddy for West Elm. These witty and gilded side-plates are perfect for brunch. My personal favourite is "Brunch is for Winners". 
  3. Stemless, gold rimmed champagne flutes by West Elm are perfect for those morning mimosas. Arrange some fruit juices and Champagne (or Prosecco) and you have a create your own mimosa bar! Top with fruit. 
  4. You thought wreaths were just for holidays? Nope! Have one for your next brunch. Club Botanic (based in San Francisco) creates beautiful and seasonal Adina wreaths all year round. In fact, you can have them delivered seasonally across the United States, and hang them indoor or out. If you're in the Bay area, you can also receive flower subscriptions. The designs are all inspired by influential women from floral designer and owner, Billy Jim Crawford's, life. 
  5. Top off those mimosas with these sweet wooden calligraphic stir sticks by Laura Hooper Calligraphy. Cheers!
  6. The sweet floral smells of Woodlot's Flora candle are a perfect gift and way to set an ambiance for your brunch. You can grab these at Skin to Skin Goods - An online collection of natural and Canadian body goods launching online, April 16.
  7. Light your candle using this sweet matchbox by The Social Type. Smile!
  8. WOW MOM card by Swell Made Co. Because Mom has certianly wowed you over the years. 
  9. Every mother is a Queen, so let her know with this Queen art print (8 x 10) by Swell Made Co.

Happy brunching and Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful women out there. I hope you have a few moments to yourself on May 8 to reflect on how important you are. You deserve it!

If you're brunching in, may I suggest:
Here are a few recipes for brunch you can use anytime. Click on the images to find the recipes. Cantaloupe and Mozzarella Caprese Salad by Foodie Crush, and Cinnamon and Pecan French Toast by Crumb de la Crumb via Brit + Co. Mimosa Bar by Design Love Fest. Peach and Avocado Toast by Back to Her Roots. Do you have a favourite brunch recipe? Do tell!

Love It | The Beach

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LOVE IT - Dreaming of beaches and the tropics with Swell Made Co.

LOVE IT - Dreaming of beaches and the tropics with Swell Made Co.

In the midst of February blahs we all need a little warm up. This LOVE IT list takes us to the beach. Whether you're dreaming of warmer days, or are escaping for a winter getaway - These beach inspired items will surely brighten your home (or yourself). You can find a bunch of these items in our stockists' shops (online or in-store).

  1. Palms art print by Swell Made Co
  2. Round towel with leather carrier by the Beach People. This isn't just any towel. It's a statement. An art piece. A towel you'll treasure season after season. Available in patterns that pay tribute to beach destinations across the globe. 
  3. Amongst the Waves spray by Love + Salt. Get beach hair at home with this delightful spray. Available at great.ly.
  4. Pineapple tumbler by W&P Design. Mix your favourite beach cocktail and sit back with this adorable and classic gold pineapple tumbler. You can even add a gold straw! In Toronto? You'll find these at Collected Joy and Spruce on Parliament.
  5. Grab a classic glass vase and some tropical leaves from your local florist. Voila! I bet you're feeling the warmth at home already.
  6. Acapulco chair by Innit. This chair is another classic that will make any room (or patio) feel like you're in, well, Acapulco! It comes in a variety of colours from bright to neutral.
  7. Coco Rose lip tint by Herbivore. This lip tint comes in coral to give you a sun kissed look. Grab it at Bibleot and Token
  8. Sun, Sun, Sun art print by Swell Made Co.

Wishing you sunny days ahead! Enjoy.

Love It | Pizza

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This love it list is a fun one. A love for all things pizza which is a love that runs deep (dish). February 9, 2016 is National Pizza Day. Dial up your local pizza place, or roll up your sleeves and be one with the dough. It's time to choose your favourite toppings and celebrate with a pizza pie!

Here is a quick list of fun things for yourself, fellow pizza lovers and your home that profess your eternal love for pizza, whether it's deep-dish or thin crust.

  1. Eternal Pizza art print by Swell Made Co
  2. Pizza Keytags by Various Projects. These keytags are perfectly simple in every way. Declare your love for pizza (and so many other things) with a keytag. We'll be offering Swell Made Co. keytags in the online shop soon!
  3. Pizza Cutter by Primal Kitchen Food 52. This beautiful, but heavy-duty wood pizza cutter creates the perfect slice. 
  4. Toothsome Plate by Said the King. Said the King is known for their minimalist, but witty plates. Let's ask them for a pizza plate, yah?
  5. Pizza Stones by SPARQ Home for Food 52. Perfect for baking and cutting your creations, a pizza stone is a must. Plus, they can double as cheese boards.
  6. Pizza iPhone Cover by 2D Pizza for Society 6
  7. Pizza Door Mat from Lulu & Georgia. Your pizza delivery guy will love this door mat. And, so will everyone else who arrives at your door. 

Happy National Pizza Day! Enjoy. 

Gift It | The Neutral Gift Guide

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You saw our sparkly Host edition of Gift It back in November. This edition of Gift It is neutral in more ways than one. Black and white is definitely classic, but so are these gifts. Almost anyone can enjoy these simple pleasures. So, if you're stumped for ideas, these no-fail ideas are sure to please.

  1. Do Big Small Things Book by Bruce Poon Tip. Sure, adult coloring books are all the rage this season, but here's a version that will turn that gift idea into a journey. You’ll be challenged to write, rip, make, and share as you escape your comfort zone and pay it forward with this book. 
  2. Hanging Light by Color Cord. Give the gift of light with these adorable combinations of colored cords and classic bulbs. I know! A light? They're perfect in any room and small spaces to give a special ambiance. I've gifted a few from Birch & Co. and they're a always a hit.
  3. NEW! Work It Tote Bag by Swell Made Co. Carry and strut your stuff with this cotton tote bag. It's extra large and heavy-duty.
  4. Socks by HS Socks. Everyone needs socks, so why not give quality, fun socks! You can gift these directly from Giftagram too!
  5. Soap Stones by Pelle. I can't get enough of these soap stones! Everyone needs soap. So again, make it quality, fun soap. Check out their other designs too.
  6. Let it Snow holiday card by Swell Made Co.
  7. Alright Art Print by Swell Made Co. Anyone can relate to this art print. Classic statement, classic type. 

Enjoy your holiday gifting! Remember, don't stress and keep it simple. Have fun! It's definitely the thought and your presence that counts.