Love It | Family Friendly Style

Love It | Family friendly style with Swell Made Co.

Love It | Family friendly style with Swell Made Co.

This past week, 30 plus members of my family descended the shores of Lake Huron for a summer reunion. With the chaos, mess and pure bliss of family time on my mind; I thought it was the perfect time to come up with a LOVE IT list for family-friendly style. If you have kids, you know that there are definitely some considerations that have to be made to accommodate family living; but that doesn’t mean you can’t have style. Actually, it’s quite the opposite. Investing in some classic pieces, over time, helps you live through the years of wear and tear of family life while creating memories a long the way.

Here are a few of our favourite pieces for family life:

  1. Rainbow art print by Swell Made Co. Shine bright in your home with this happy rainbow art print that grows with your family.

  2. Jericho Vintage Rug from Eski Design. Rugs are a big investment, but they literally last a lifetime. Who knows? Maybe your vintage rug will become and heirloom, but in the meantime bring colour and pattern into your home with a colourful rug. These well-made rugs stand the test of time and the classic patterns hide inevitable stains and mess that come with family life. Eski Design, Casa Alma and Rug & Weave all have options.

  3. Wooden Backgammon Game by REMEMBER from Smallable. Classic board games are a great way to spend time together on rainy days. Whatever your favourite game is, invest in a set that will live on year after year like this wooden game by REMEMBER. This Danish company also offers Dominoes, Chess and other classics.

  4. Confetti Soap. Kids have sticky hands. All. Of. The Time. Make washing fun with this hand made bar of confetti soap.

  5. Marimekko Oiva Rice Bowls from EQ3. If there is one dish on repeat at our house, it’s the humble ice cream or rice bowl. For said ice cream and rice, but also for cereal, snacks, dinner. The list goes on just as the request for something to eat. Little bowls pull some serious weight, so have lots on hand.

  6. Frank Tray by GoodThing from West Elm. You can never have enough trays around the house with a family. Make cluttered chaos appear neat and collected with trays for all the things. A modern take on a classic paper hot dog holder, this lacquered steel tray is a catchall for everything from keys to jewelry to desktop accessories.

  7. The Nix Chair by Capdell. As a family, you’ll spend a lot of time gathered around the table for meals, games, homework and family meetings. Invest in solid, easy to clean chairs. Our go to is the Eames chair; but if you have a big budget I give you The Nix Chair. Sleek and iconic, this chair will see you through to adulthood and beyond. Available in a variety of colours (beech shown above).

  8. FAMILY art print by Swell Made Co. Six letters that spell what matters most. Need we say more? We are family.

Want to see more family-friendly style? Follow us on Pinterest. Other items that are high on our list for family style are baskets and hooks to keep everyone’s stuff in place in an effort to stay organized. Throw blankets and pillows to create a cozy vibe for snuggling, reading and movie nights. Also, foot stools for added height while kids are small, but also for extra seating when you have friends and family around. What are your favourites for family-friendly style?