A Love Letter from Leisse Wilcox

Leisse Wilcox

Leisse Wilcox

In celebration of our collaborative collection with Leisse Wilcox, we bring you a love letter to tell you — you are lovely. We hope you love our collection as much as we do. After all, it’s designed just for you.

You Are Lovely

Three little words that spark a quiet revolution within: the rebellious act of loving yourself for who you are, as you are.

Sometimes when we're learning to love ourselves that deeply, that effortlessly, we need a little reminder. And another one after that. We designed the LW x SMC collection to reflect that affirmation inundation, to see it when we wake up, when we leave the house, start the car, write our grocery list, get our thoughts out on paper, and every single time we look in the mirror.

The most important relationship you will ever have is the one you have with yourself, and it's important to know how lovely you are - start by telling yourself right now. Just by picking up your keychain.

You are lovely, and we are so happy you're here to celebrate that.
- Leisse and Lesley

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