Love It | Beating the Winter Blues

LOVE IT | Beat the Winter Blues with Swell Made Co.

LOVE IT | Beat the Winter Blues with Swell Made Co.

It's Blue Monday. As bills roll in and we anticipate the months of winter that are still left; the post-holiday blues are real. Less daylight, cold temperatures, a return to regular routines... they can all weigh heavily on our mental health; but there is also some value in the "saddest day of the year".

It's also a time to check-in on ourselves (and our loved ones) and make sure we're taking the time for self-care. Whether it's talking about how we're feeling, getting more sleep, eating properly, or taking time to get outside and exercise. These are all ways to do an audit of what feels good, what doesn't and make small steps (with big impact) to improving our physical and mental health.

Here are some of my favourite things to help you beat the winter blues at home. A cozy, balanced atmosphere will help you feel relaxed:

  1. Moon Phases (11x14) Art Print by Swell Made Co. Available in black or white (shown above).
  2. Palermo Blue Ombre Wool Throw by Brahms Mount. This gorgeous super-fine wool throw will keep you warm all winter. The tonal shift is available in various palettes.
  3. XOXOXO Velveteen Throw Pillow Cover by Swell Made Co. A super-soft throw pillow cover for snuggling and adding extra comfort and making a statement in your spaces.
  4. Limited Edition Diffuser by Saje. Infuse your air with the vitality of nature and create a balanced atmosphere with a limited edition diffuser by Sage that often features artwork.
  5. Ceramic Pastel Blue Mug by Rove Concepts. Stay indoors and sip tea or coffee (fika inspired) from this mug with subtle blue hue.
  6. Blue Grid Incense Holder by Xenia Taler. Relax by burning incense with this handmade holder. Also available in a blue ripple pattern (and more).
  7. Grapefruit, Bergamot & Rose Soy Candle by Swell Made Co. x Wax & Fire Co. Enjoy this invigorating scent that will fill your space with a subtle and comforting scent.
  8. True Blue Skin Clarifying Duo by Herbivore Botanicals. Give your skin a break from winter weather with this skin clarifying combo. Spa days can happen right at home.
  9. HUG HUG Card by Swell Made Co. Send someone a handwritten “hug” with this sweet card.
  10. Vintage African Indigo Pillow by Rug & Weave. More pillows! Because your space can never be too cozy. Bring this indigo blue beauty into your home and enjoy all year-round.

Take care of yourself and others this winter! Thanks for reading.

These are swell too: