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LOVE IT - Bohemian Style with Swell Made Co.

LOVE IT - Bohemian Style with Swell Made Co.

I love Bohemian style for spaces indoor and out. Rattan, fabrics and textiles from around the globe, tropical plants, baskets, handmade ceramics and a general carefree feeling. I'll take it all. Mix these items with modern or mid-century pieces and you've got the look.

For this edition of LOVE IT, I have collected Bohemian pieces and tied in a hint of blue to make it feel even more relaxed, but this style can be complimented with almost any colour palette. Hints of pink and green for a tropical vibe? Or, black and white neutrals for a minimal Bohemian look. It's whatever your thing is. Little hints of gold (of course) can be seen throughout and are versatile. Check out LOVE IT Moroccan Inspired Decor, for a similar global look, but with a different palette.

Here are a few of my favourite ways to go Boho at home:

  1. Gold Palms Art Print (11x14) by Swell Made Co. Add a tropical vibe to your space all year-round with this gold foil art print.
  2. Greta Belly Basket in white by Rove Concepts. Store your stuff, or give plants a home with this handmade belly basket. Colour blocked in white. Other colours available including mint. Swoon.
  3. Jassa Basket from IKEA. In March, IKEA launched the JASSA collection which is full of wonderful rattan pieces for the home or patio. This collection is available for a limited-time only.
  4. Palm Leaf Keytag by Swell Made Co. This little keytag shows a love for plants and all things tropical.
  5. Blue Spatter Bowl by Settle Ceramics. Found at Leif. A hand thrown ceramic bowl with blue spatters are a casual way to make a statement on the table.
  6. African Indigo Throw Pillow from Rug & Weave. Vintage indigo fabric from Burkina Faso combined with natural mudcloth, this pillow will elevate and complete any Bohemian space. Rug & Weave has an outstanding collection of pilows, rugs and textiles from around the world.
  7. Mastholem Chair by IKEA. Available all year round. This arm chair is another way to turn up the heat indoors. Mix with eclectic and/or minimal fabrics and textiles for a casual Boho look.

I hope you love these pieces as much as I do. Want more inspiration? Follow Swell Made Co. on Pinterest to see more. Here are a few of my favourites (click the images to see sources).