Love It | Swans

LOVE IT - Swooning over swans with Swell Made Co.

LOVE IT - Swooning over swans with Swell Made Co.

Valentine's Day is less than a week away. I usually do a Valentine's Day printable or Valentine's Day DIY, but this year I am swooning over swans. This LOVE IT list follows the heart day theme with an adoration of swans and what they symbolize. Creativity, grace, balance, beauty and of course, LOVE. Those are just a few.

Swans have made their way into art and design since ancient times. They're just so lovely. Swan fact - did you know swans mate for life? And, in many cultures they represent light and dreams.

Enjoy this fun list of swan inspired items for your home, or to simply play with. These aren't your grandmother's swans. Although there are some vintage swans seen above. Let's just say, grandma had solid taste in her day.

  1. Queen Art Print (11x14) by Swell Made Co. This art print is as elegant and graceful as the Queen of the pond herself. Pair with King for the perfect match. Or, pair two Queens. Two Kings. Love is love!
  2. Swan Pouch by Indigo. Bring this dreamy, Swan Lake inspired pouch wherever you go.  
  3. Vintage Brass Swans found on Etsy. Bring some vintage (mid-century) elegance into your space with this set of brass swans. You can also find beautiful brass swan planters and use them for succulents and air plants. Make it modern again.
  4. Swan Tumbler by Xenia Taler. I love the simple graphic work by Xenia Taler, including this swan tumbler with metallic copper finish. 
  5. Gold Swan Pool Float by Fun Boy. Float like a graceful swan (hah!) with this fun pool toy.
  6. Gold Stationery by Swell Made Co. Tell your mate(s) how much you adore them with these gold foil cards.
  7. Deco Bottle Opener found at Leif Shop. Swans had their heyday during the Art Deco period. Pop a bottle with this balanced and beautiful brass opener. A work of art to add to your bar cart.
  8. Swan Chair by Rove Concepts. Show a love for swans mid-century style with this whimsical Swan Chair (Arne Jacobsen). Available in an array of shades, but especially stunning in bright cashmere and boucle wool colours.
  9. OUI OUI Art Print (8x10) by Swell Made Co. Because this is a post about love, after all. Also available as a mini 5x7 art print.

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