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How To | Gold Painted Rocks

How To, DIYLesley PocklingtonComment
How To | A Guide to Gold Painted Rocks by Swell Made Co.

How To | A Guide to Gold Painted Rocks by Swell Made Co.

What do you with all the rocks (and beach glass, and shells) that travel home with you from the beach? Paint them! My kids LOVE to paint rocks and there are countless things you can create with, and for kids with rocks to pass time in the summer. Just take a look on Pinterest and you'll find fun ideas like rock dominoes, story rocks, rock tic-tac-toe.

After our trip to the beach the other day, we came home with a pile or rocks, as always. I let my daughter go wild with her acrylic summer hues, while I tried out something more simple, and gold. It was easy as can be. The rocks will be put to good use throughout the year as paper weights (napkin weights for the patio), little accents on the table or plates for special occasions, home decor, garden decor etc. Again, the ideas are endless. Keep reading to see how you can make some too.

Gold painted rocks by Swell Made Co.

Gold painted rocks by Swell Made Co.


  • Rocks, of course. Collect a variety of rocks that you love. Smooth rocks work well for painting, but any rock is fine. 
  • Metallic gold acrylic paint. You can use any colour(s) you like though. I used Martha Stewart Crafts® Acrylic Craft Paint in Gold. You can find it at Michael's in Canada and the USA. 
  • 1 flat, soft brush. Size can depend on how on your surface area. Acrylic brushes are best.
  • Painter's tape. For masking areas. You can use varying widths for different effects. 
  • An Exacto knife to scratch off excess paint if necessary. 

    TIP - Buy good quality painter's tape. You'll notice a huge difference when peeling it away to reveal clean lines. The stuff from the dollar store just doesn't cut it. 


  1. Prepare a clean work surface that can get messy. Acrylic paint can be tricky to remove once it's dry, so cover your work surface. Especially if the kids are joining in! 
  2. Clean your rocks and let dry if required. You don't want any sand or dirt on the rock's surface.
  3. Grab your painter's tape and start creating. You can block off areas, create lines, patterns, etc. It's entirely up to you! The painter's tape will give you a clean, crisp line. Press the tape firmly into place for the best effect. This can be tricky with rocks, but don't stress. It doesn't have to be perfect. 
  4. Paint your rocks! Rocks are naturally porous, so you'll likely need 2-3 coats to cover the surface entirely. Let dry to touch between coats. You can also try doing a primer coat of white paint, but extra coats do the trick. 
  5. Let paint dry for at least 1 hour or more. 
  6. Carefully (slowly) remove the painter's tape to reveal your clean lines. If there are areas where paint slipped under the tape, just gently scratch it off the surface with an Exacto knife. 
  7. Admire your rocks and display them as you please.

Thanks for reading and enjoy getting create with your summer rock collection!