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LOVE IT - Moroccan inspired decor with Swell Made Co.

LOVE IT - Moroccan inspired decor with Swell Made Co.

Some of the most cherished pieces that adorn your home are found while traveling. They speak of places, people and cultures that are forever engrained in our memories and hearts. Back in 2008 (I know... SO LONG ago) we spent 2 weeks in Morocco and it was magical. We hauled back delights including brass lamps, artwork, rose water, argan oil, leather poufs and saffron.

Morocco is a paradise for shoppers who appreciate well-made, artisanal goods. The souks are filled with a plethora of talented people and their classic, but exotic wares. This LOVE IT list is inspired by that trip many years ago, and how Moroccan pieces have been welcomed into modern decor for decades to create a distinct Bohemian look. Of course, there are some complimentary pieces a la Swell Made Co featuring plant life and hues from afar.

  1. Fan Palm Art Print by Swell Made Co
  2. Moroccan Brass Pendant Lights from Dounia Home. Handmade in Morocco by Master Artist El Arbi. These modern pendants are created using the darj w ktef design based on 12th century almohad tile work. 
  3. Beni Ourain Style Moroccan Rug found at specialty retailers like Mellah, Rug and Weave. This simple geometric tribal style is traditionally handcrafted by the Beni Ourain in the Rif Mountains of Morocco. This is versatile and classic style of rug that was popular during the Mid-Century style and still is today. 
  4. Black and White Moroccan Pottery. While the traditional pottery in Fez is blue and white, you can find black and white for a modern, but traditional look. From ornate flourishes to simple geometric, the patterns are stunning and hand painted. Perfect for everyday use, or as a wall display. Dishes shown from Casablanca Market.
  5. The Equilateral Moroccan Rose Soap. Morocco's rose products are known the world over. Treat yourself and guests to this fashionable handcrafted soap from Bar Soap Brooklyn with Moroccan red clay and rose essential oil. 
  6. Mud Cloth Throw Pillow from Rug and Weave. Not traditional to Morocco, but "nextdoor" in Mali, Mud Cloth is a traditional technique that is a complimentary North African graphic style. 
  7. Palms Art Print by Swell Made Co.

Here are some jaw dropping examples from Pinterest for how to bring Moroccan decor into your home. Follow me on Pinterest for more ideas. I call these Bohemian Minimalist, Mid-Century Moroccan or Moroccan Monochromatic. Haha! How's that for a mouthful? Whatever your style, there's no denying that eclectic is timeless whether its a pendant or a tile accent. Click the images for links.

You'll be able to find many of these items at shops specializing in Moroccan decor like Maryam Montague. Of course, you can find Moroccan inspired items at many decor stores (West Elm, Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters) as well. Better yet, go to Morocco! Enjoy and remember, there's no template. Just what feels right in your space.