How To | Black + White Easter Eggs

With Spring officially underway (as of March 20), it's time to think about Easter! Easter is a low-key holiday for us. We celebrate spring by having a family brunch, followed by attending our neighbourhood Easter parade with friends. Of course, the Easter Bunny makes an appearance at our house for the littles. "She" (as it has been determined by our 5 year-old) hides chocolate eggs around the house and yard, weather permitting. 

I love brunch. Whether it's dining out or hosting in, it's the perfect way to celebrate a new season with foods that have been missed over the winter months. Fresh vegetables, greens, breads, carrots, eggs, Mimosas. Coffee, of course. It's the best meal for a lazy day of celebrating. 

Pattern, HOP HOP - a rift on the Six Letter Sentiments Collection, and dots.

Pattern, HOP HOP - a rift on the Six Letter Sentiments Collection, and dots.

Speaking of lazy, this post is about how to create black + white easter eggs. It's so easy, it's not even really a how to. These sweet and simple eggs are an easy project to give your modern decor a fresh Easter look. Plus, the kids can easily join in with no fuss and minimal mess. So, here it goes:

How To - Black + White Easter Eggs:

  1. Boil a dozen, or more, eggs. If you need tips on how to boil the perfect egg, click here.
  2. Let eggs cool completely. Room temperature is best. Tip: Cold eggs from the fridge will sweat, causing smudges.
  3. Grab a variety of black Sharpie pens with varying tip sizes and styles. If you're up for colour or metallics, go for it.  
  4. Start decorating! Try handwriting, simple dots, straight or wavy lines, abstract patterns, precise patterns. This is glorified doodling and there are no limits. Get creative!
  5. Sharpie ink dries quickly, but be careful to let areas of ink dry before handling to avoid smudging. 
  6. Display your eggs in a simple bowl for an Easter centrepiece. Or, create a modern rope basket like the one seen here by Chelsea Foy.
Get doodling on those eggs!

Get doodling on those eggs!

I bet you were expecting to see gold foil eggs, right? Maybe next year! With the combination of two littles on March Break, plus the Easter holiday... I just didn't have the time to go for gold. I love neutral palettes just as well. Just like the pieces you'll find in the shop. Many gold, but not all! Here are a few other DIYs that I've collected for Easter on Pinterest. Happy Spring!