How To | Create a Gold + Black Pumpkin

How to create a gold and black pumpkin by Swell Made Co.

How to create a gold and black pumpkin by Swell Made Co.

BOO! BOO. Halloween is 11 days away and my little pumpkins are starting to get excited. Simple decorating and costume making (and buying) has commenced. Over the Thanksgiving weekend, we picked our pumpkins and I created a no-carve one for you! The rest of our pumpkins will get an old fashioned carving.

This is my "fancy" version inspired by Swell Made Co.'s very own Six Letter Sentiments collection. Here's how to create it yourself, or to create any design you like. It's simple, I swear. So, don't sweat it. Plus, I have included a printable template to help you out.


  • A medium to large pumpkin

  • Black acrylic paint

  • Large, soft paint brush + small, soft paint brush

  • Sharp pencil

  • Gold acrylic paint (or gold spray paint)


  1. Clean your pumpkin with water and let dry.

  2. Using your larger paint brush, paint the pumpkin using long brush strokes with the grain (up and down) of the pumpkin. Let dry overnight.

  3. Print the BOO BOO template by Swell Made Co. or any other design you'd like to use. If you want to freehand, skip the next step.

  4. Put the printed design in place on the smoothest part of your pumpkin. Using a sharp pencil, trace the design on your paper. Press firmly to make an impression on the pumpkin's surface.

  5. Use your small brush to paint in your design with gold paint. You'll likely need to do a few coats. Let dry for at least an 1 hour.

  6. That's it! You may also use a sealant to protect your painted pumpkin. This is advisable in cooler climates where the pumpkin may expand or contract during cold nights if left outdoors.

Alternatively, you could create a stencil of your design and use gold spray paint to apply your design. I like to free-hand, but the spray paint would provide a much cleaner and crisp look. Just mask the areas you don't want painted and head outside for ventilation. 

Thanks for following this HOW TO. I hope you and your pumpkins (big and small) have a safe and happy Halloween!

BOO BOO gold painted pumpkin. A DIY by Swell Made Co.

BOO BOO gold painted pumpkin. A DIY by Swell Made Co.