Love It | Moon Phases

LOVE IT | Moon phases for the home with Swell Made Co.

LOVE IT | Moon phases for the home with Swell Made Co.

Similar to our GIFT IT blog series, we're starting a new series called LOVE IT. They're quick, simple lists of things we love right NOW. Edited July 7, 2016.

First up, moon phases. We're still loving them! Live by the sun, love by the moon. What a dreamy phrase. Here are some equally dreamy pieces to grab for your home or cottage (and one for your ears), including some of our best-selling art prints. 

  1. Moon Phases Art Print by Swell Made Co. Our best-selling art print that's perfect for your home or cottage.
  2. Moon Leather Coasters found at Leif Shop
  3. Moon Phase Earrings Set by Species by the Thousands
  4. Moon Phase Dominoes Set by Fredericks and Mae. This playful set is available at West Elm and Urban Outfitters.
  5. Moon Phase Plate & Mug by Rachel Lowe.
  6. Sleep Under the Stars Art Print by Swell Made Co. An art print that rivals the solitude of the night sky.

And to finish off this inspirational list for home, we have two moon phase projects if you're up for some DIY. A simple moon clock from Bambula, and a moon phase marble wall hanging from Almost Makes Perfect (click images for direct links). Visit Swell Made Co. on Pinterest for more DIY and moon loving inspiration.