Gift It | Welcome Baby

Welcome Baby
It's time for another edition of Gift It. This time, we'd like to welcome new babies! Surely, you know one that just arrived or will arrive shortly. There's just something about Spring. Here are some oh-so cute gifts for that new bundle. We've tried to keep things neutral, modern and versatile. What's great about these gifts is they can be used for either gender, and they'll be treasured for years to come. 

  1. Queen (Art Print) - If you're welcoming a baby girl, what better way to show that she is royalty in her family's eyes? This cute print will grow with any little girl. From nursery to big girl room. Welcoming a baby boy? See our King art print that's just as regal. 
  2. Blanket by Fine Little Day - Not just another baby blanket. This sweet and neutral forest themed blanket will comfort your little one for years to come. Available on Rufus and Murdog
  3. Pixie Wooden Camera by Twig Creative - This little wooden camera will fascinate your mini from babyhood well into childhood. They can pretend to snap away just like grownups. We've shown the gold finish here, but other colours are available at Mini Mioche.
  4. Mini Mioche x Heart and Habit Overalls - Designed and made in Canada, these comfy overalls have been dreamed up by collaborators Mini Mioche and Heart and Habit. So soft and practical. They're adorable for a boy or girl, and are adjustable to last through growth spurts.
  5. Goo Goo (Greeting Card) - To top it off, we have a simple Welcome Baby card. It's a blank canvas to express how lovely it is to finally meet sweet baby; with a little baby talk. 
  6. Sleep Under the Stars (Art Print) - Wish your baby sweet dreams with this rich black art print with luxe gold foil. It's dreamy and will last in a nursery or child's room for many moons. This print pairs well with Walk in the Woods (seen below) if you're going for a nature inspired look.

Just a few more ideas...

As a family of urbanites, we know that kids are fascinated by public transportation (especially the subway) and letters/numbers. It's all in this rich black print with luxe gold foil. Designed with the New York subway line icons, we have ACE, 123 and NQRW.

My dad always used to say, "you can never have too many books" and with two kiddos myself; I wholeheartedly agree. We have piles and piles of books, but Tullet's "Press Here" is always a hit with the mini crowd (and adults too). It's a delightful and simple, yet interactive book. 

This adorable baby owl cushion would make a loving companion in any nursery. Made with great care in Montreal, this line of cushions is available at Spruce on Parliament. You'll find sleepy eyed pugs, foxes, beavers and more.