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For Your Cottage Host
Victoria Day or May Two-Four (which is never on May 24) is upon us! How did that happen? It doesn't even feel like summer yet, but that's not going to stop hoards of people from heading to the cottage (or cabin) for the first long weekend of the season! This edition of Gift It is all about the cottage.

We don't have a cottage, so the next best thing, is being invited. If you're going to be a guest (we'll post on how to be a good guest soon) at a cottage this summer, here are some gift ideas for your gracious host. Most of these gifts can be found at our stockists' shops or online. 

  1. Moons (Art Print) - Get out of the city and be humbled by the outdoors. This rich black print with luxe gold foil rivals the solitude of the night sky. 
  2. North Pillow by Nicole Tarasick - This copper, feather-filled pillow says it all. Modern, but comfortable for those times when you're curled up inside. 
  3. Fold Trivet by Xenia Taler - Trivet or wall hanging. You decide. This beauty of a piece is as timeless as it is modern. Sure to please and be put to good use.
  4. Dixon Table Runner by Avril Loreti - The cottage is sometimes forgotten when it comes to decor. That shouldn't be the case, at all. Brighten up a tablescape with this tile inspired table runner. Whimsy and visual interest in an instant. 
  5. Booyah Card - To top it off, we have a simple card. It's a blank canvas to express how grateful you are to be invited to the cottage, to have fun amongst good company in the outdoors. All you need is six letters!
  6. Walk in the Woods (Art Print)  -  Clear your mind and walk in the woods. Your host will be reminded of nature's simplistic beauty with this smooth white print with luxe gold foil. 

Just a few more ideas...

A getaway to the cottage wouldn't be complete without some time by the fire. These gifts, a Woodlot Heat candle and our Shine Bright (Art Print) remind your host of times at the cottage long after the weekend is over. 

There are always lots of things to tote to and from the cottage (food, drinks, linens... you get the idea). Give them a Summah rope tote to help carry the load. It's great for any adventure. 

Stay clean and fresh at the cottage with Lovefresh's Lavender Wash. It can be used as a hand or body wash. It's multi-purpose, and delightfully luxe. It never hurts to have a bit of luxury up at the cottage!

Enjoy your long weekend! While we may not be at the cottage this weekend, we have an exciting weekend full of family visits, birthdays and a little getaway to Prince Edward County for wine and a stay at the Drake Devonshire. We're beyond excited about that. We'll post some of our favourites from the County soon.