HOORAY! Swell Made Co. is ONE


It's always a frightening thing to take a leap and follow your heart. Almost always. Change is hard. You know it's the right thing to do, but you have reservations. My advice? Don't. Follow those dreams, smile and hustle (and drink coffee or whatever fuels you). Good things are bound to happen.

Swell Made Co. is one year old! It's been a wild, but very rewarding year. I started Swell Made Co. in November last year (2014). I stumbled a bit late into the holiday season. It was a strange time of year to get into the business, but it was one of those "now or never" moments, so I jumped. No regrets.

After ringing in the New Year (2015), I was reading a horoscope that claimed my business venture would takeoff off in the fall. It also claimed I would meet a woman and we would see much success together. While, I'm not huge on horoscopes there might be some truth to that. Things have been taking off this fall; but, I haven't met one single women in business. I've met so many, many more. It's humbling, actually. Throughout this year, one of my greatest pleasures has been meeting SO MANY women (and men) out there killing it whether through a creative business like Swell Made Co., running a brick and mortar shop, or anything else you can imagine. Women all around me are living their self-made dreams. It's not easy, but they're doing it well. Working smart, making connections and having passion.

So, as Swell Made Co. comes up to one year and hopefully many, many more; I just want to thank ALL of you for believing in me and supporting me in my first year. Sharon at Collected Joy who was one of my first stockists and gave me a crash course in retail. Queenie of Queenie's Cards for keeping motherhood and business real, and sharing a passion for cookies and stationery with me. Stacey at Lovefresh for giving me an opportunity to work with and learn about small, creative businesses. My friend Brandy from Heart + Habit who is so incredibly wise and thoughtful. My friend Christine who is always boundlessly sharing ideas for "fun". Those are just a few! Thank you so much. 

Each and everyone one of my stockists and collaborators is an inspiration and has provided me with so much wisdom in such a short time. I love hearing all of your stories, visiting your shops when I can (and believe me, I try) and just waking up everyday and working with you. It's a dream come true, but not without tons of smiles, coffee and hustle. They go a long way.

That was a bit schmoopy, but what can I say? This is my business baby, and a lot of my heart goes into it so I can support my real babies and their dreams! Coincidentally, we're heading out on a family vacation today. That's not a planned part of celebrating one year, but I'll take it. 

Have some sage advice or well wishes as I enter my second year? I'd love to hear it.