Gift It - The Type Lover


Type lovers and designers are a notoriously picky bunch. They come by it honestly, after all; it comes with the territory. That's not to say they're not grateful! If you are stumped, we've provided a no-fail gift list. Any of these items will be a big hit and show that you really do understand what your creative is doing all day. Happy shopping!

  1. Custom Type Jewelry - Choose a favourite letter or symbol and Havok Designs (also check out Fair Goods) will create you a one of kind piece that your recipient will treasure for years to come. Not into jewelry? They have a well-designed collection of other lovely wooden (laser cut) accessories including keychains and bow-ties.
  2. Moleskin Notebooks - This classic gift is so practical, but oh so appreciated. Your recipient is constantly sketching and generating ideas. You can only imagine how quickly one of these beauties fills up. Buy them the best of the best. 

    Need something more high tech? Moleskin has you covered with their new Smart Notebook that allows you to seamlessly transfer your sketches from paper to vector with the Moleskin app which is connected to Adobe's Creative Cloud. Whoah! Mind blown.
  3. Fonts - It's not recommended that you choose a font for your recipient (they're picky, remember), but give them some credits to their favourite font website to choose and buy fonts themselves. Every designer has a wish list. Allow them to create magic! Some websites include Font Shop, Monotype, and MyFonts. These sites give you the largest access to a variety of type studios. If they have a favourite Indie shop or studio, head straight to the source.
  4. Subscription to Uppercase Magazine - Buy them a subscription to the most beautifully designed magazine there is - Uppercase Magazine. It's chock full of inspirational and informative content. Uppercase offers gift subscriptions and back issues.
  5. Gift of Learning - Designers and type lovers are eternally learning and keeping up with new trends and skills. Give them a gift of learning by getting them a course (online or in-class). Maybe they would like to learn how to hand letter, or they might want to brush up on their coding skills. How Design University has great courses online, but the options are endless.
  6. Ampersand Pillow - If you can find anything with a gorgeous ampersand, it's gold in your recipient's eyes. This pillow from Latte Design adds comfort, a punch of colour, classic type and beauty. 
  7. Typographical Print - Help your recipient express themselves and spruce up their workspace or home with a typographical print. This print from Swell Made Co. offers a common sentiment among creatives. We run on coffee (and great ideas). 

Did we miss something? Let us know! We'd love to hear your gift giving ideas for the Type Lover!