Gift It | The Wine Lover


It's getting down to the wire for holiday shopping. However, I suppose it's never really "too late" for another gift guide. Especially, if it involves wine! Here are some no-fail suggestions for wine lovers (who doesn't know at least one?). Plus, you can still run out and grab some of these items. If not, these are great gifts all year round.

  1. Acacia Wood Tray - A beautifully hand-carved leaf tray, by Craig Anczelowitz on, is a nice way for your giftee to serve foods that pair with their favourite wines. Multiple sections are perfect for variety.
  2. Wine Tote Bag - To help your wine lover tote their bottles home, Swell Made Co. provides a practical bag that makes a statement. 
  3. Stemless Wine Glasses - A wine lover can never have enough stemless wine glasses. They're more casual and fun, but still classy (and practical). You can pick them up anywhere from your local wine shop to a store with home goods and glassware. 
  4. Wine Subscription - You really can't go wrong with a wine subscription! The Goods by Kwaf delivers two really good Ontario wines every month—wines that are not easily found and are vetted by sommeliers every month. Your giftees receive something truly special: a wine experience in a box, complete with tasting notes, serving suggestions and recipes. They ship to select provinces.

    If your wine lover is particular about a winery, check to see if they offer subscriptions. Many deliver right to your door at prices that are below what you'll see in store.
  5. Agate Coasters - These rugged, but classic and sleek coasters will look lovely in any home. Particularly so, with a glass of wine on top. This set with gold edging (I'm partial to gold) can be found on Etsy by Jacob & Lana.
  6. Wine Art Print - Your wine lover can make a statement with this art print. Chardonnay, Saves the Day by Swell Made Co.
  7. Bicycle Wine Rack - If your giftee is an urbanite with a bike, this gift lets them safely transport wine to gatherings in style. It's leather, fits on most bike frames, and is handmade by oopsmark on Etsy. 

Happy Holidays, yet again! Enjoy your time with family and friends. Reflect on the joy they bring to your life. And, since we're on the topic of wine, please drink responsibly. Always.