How To | Getting Ahead on Holiday Mailing


The season for holiday greetings is fast approaching. Here are some tips for making holiday mailing more personal and pleasurable. 

  1. Mail your cards early - I like to choose a late-November night where I have an hour, or so, to listen to music, drink a glass of wine and put my mighty pen to work. People should find your greetings in the mailbox around early or mid-December. Getting your cards signed, sealed and delivered early is twofold; giving you time to focus on other holiday preparations and guaranteeing someone won't be receiving your holiday greeting in the New Year. 
  2. Use your handwriting - Here's where the mighty pen comes in. Use your own handwriting to ensure a personal touch. This is especially important on the inside of the card, but is also a nice touch for the recipient address on the envelope. Handwriting shows that you care, and if you want to go the extra mile - be sure to include personal notes for your recipients. Not just a standard message.
  3. Don't forget your return address - It feels good to send these heartfelt greetings, doesn't it? Well, make sure your recipients can reciprocate that warm and fuzzy feeling by including your return address. It's always nice to see who a card is from before you open it!
  4. Include a photo - This is a great time of year to send photos and reflect on the year - if you're sending to family and friends. Plus, it adds that personal touch, again. It doesn't have to be a cheesy family photo, but it can be! Photos of children, couples, recent travels - they're all a nice little peek inside your life that your recipients can cherish. 
  5. Cards for colleagues and clients - Of course, spreading joy doesn't just apply to friends and family. Your colleagues and clients appreciate a handwritten note, too. Follow the same tips above, but skip the photo. 

Here's a sneak peek of what I'll be sending with mine. Hard to believe our youngest was a wee baby this time, last year! Happy holiday mailing.