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New for fall + winter


You are lovely collection

Say hello to a new collaborative collection from Leisse Wilcox x Swell Made Co. Being yourself is the greatest gift you will ever give - to yourself, and to the world. You have everything you need inside you; all you have to do is ask, and get quiet enough to listen. You are lovely.

the Holiday collection

As much as we love the holiday season, we like to keep things simple (did someone say candles?). That’s why our holiday stationery is short, sweet and a bit sparkly. With six letter sentiments and classic holiday lyrics, our blank cards give you room to spread holiday cheer in your own way.




Simplicity makes room for the important things in life (like coffee and plants). Swell Made Co. is a Canadian brand that designs simple, yet bold paper goods, home décor and gifts for swell people, like you. All of our goods are inspired by our mantra – “keep it simple, but significant”. Yes, that's a riff of a quote by Mad Men's Don Draper, but we all know Peggy was the real star. Keep reading about Lesley.  

Life’s moments (big and small) are best celebrated through simple acts of kindness. We hope our goods inspire you to celebrate those moments and cultivate connection. Whether it’s a handwritten note in a card or a thoughtful gift.

Our goods are thoughtfully designed and packaged by Swell Made Co. and produced by other Canadian small businesses like our own. Isn’t that swell? Made in Canada matters.